NC STATE Undergraduate Admissions

NC STATE Transfer Course List

Fayetteville Tech Cmty Coll
Fayettevl, NC 28303

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Courses found on this list are considered to be college level for admissions purposes. Their applicability to a specific degree program varies by department. The course equivalencies on this list are for information purposes only and subject to change due to revisions in course offerings at Fayetteville Tech Cmty Coll and at NC STATE.

Course Title
Credit Hours
Credit Hours
ACA111Coll Student SucesTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ACA115Success& Study SklTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ACA118College Study SkillsTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ACA120Career AssessmentTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ACA122Coll Transfr SucceTo Present1.00TR ***1.00
ACC0120Acct Prin ITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ACC0121Acc Prin IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ACC0122Mgmt AcctTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ACC0221Int Acct ITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ACC110Finan AcctngTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ACC111Financial Acct1997/06 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
ACC120Prin of Acct ITo Present4.00ACC 2103.00
ACC ***

ACC121Prin of Account IITo Present4.00ACC 2003.00
ACC 2**

ACC122Mgmt AcctTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ACC123Acctng on ComputerTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ACC129Indivicual income TaxesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ACC131Federal Income TaxTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ACC140Payroll AccountingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ACC150Comp Gen LedgerTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ACC220Intermed Acct ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ACC221Intermed Acct IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ACC222Intermed Acct IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ACC223Intermed Acct lllTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ACC225Cost AccountingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ACC226Managerial AcctngTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ACC227Managerial AcctTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ACC229Fed Income TaxTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ACC235AuditingTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
AGR110Soil Sci&FertilizrTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
AGR201Agricult ChemTo 1997/084.00No Credit0.00
AGR228Plant Disease&ParaTo 1997/084.00No Credit0.00
AHR113Comfort CoolingTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ANT210Gen Anthropology1997/06 - Present3.00ANT 2**3.00
ANT220Cultural Anthrop.1997/06 - Present3.00ANT 2523.00
ANT221Comparative Cultr1997/06 - Present3.00ANT 2**3.00
ANT230Physical Anthrop.1997/06 - Present3.00ANT 2513.00
ANT230APhys Anthrop L1997/06 - Present1.00ANT ***1.00
ANT240Archaeology1997/06 - Present3.00ANT 2533.00
ANT245World PrehistoryTo Present3.00ANT ***3.00
APR101Intro to Re AppraiTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
APR103Valuation Prin&ProTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
APR105Appl Res Prop ValuTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC100Sktch,Drawg,&CompTo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
ARC101Arch Tech & Des ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ARC102Arch DraftingTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ARC103Arch Dftg/Dsgn IIITo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
ARC110Intro ArchitectureTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC111Material&MethodTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ARC112Materials & MethodTo 1997/054.00No Credit0.00
ARC113Residential Arch T1997/06 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC114Architectural CAD1997/06 - Present2.00No Credit0.00
ARC114AArch CAD Lab1997/06 - Present1.00No Credit0.00
ARC120Codes/Specs/ContTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC130Arch EstimatingTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ARC131Building Codes1997/06 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC135Arch Cadd Sys ITo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ARC136Arch Cadd Sysm llTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ARC137Arch Cadd Sysm lllTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ARC140Cmptr Aided DrftngTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ARC201Arch Dftng/Dsgn IVTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ARC202Arch Drftg&Dsn VTo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
ARC203Arch Drft&Dsn VITo 1997/086.00No Credit0.00
ARC210Project SeminarTo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
ARC211Arch Present ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC212Arch Present IITo 1997/084.00No Credit0.00
ARC213Desing Project1997/06 - Present4.00No Credit0.00
ARC220Adv Architect CADTo 1997/052.00No Credit0.00
ARC221Arch 3-D CADTo 1997/053.00No Credit0.00
ARC222Arch Envion Sys IITo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
ARC230Environmntl Sysm1997/06 - Present4.00No Credit0.00
ARC231Arch Presentations1997/06 - Present4.00No Credit0.00
ARC235Arch Portfolio1997/06 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC240Site Planning1997/06 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC241Contrac Admin1997/06 - Present2.00No Credit0.00
ARC250Survey of ArchTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC261Solar TechnologyTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ARC264Digital Arch1997/06 - Present2.00No Credit0.00
ART0151Art AppreciationTo 1997/065.00TR ***3.33
ART103Basic DrawingTo 1997/064.00ADN 2**2.67
ART104Art AppreciationTo Present3.00ADN ***3.00
ART105Life StudyTo 1997/084.00ADN 1**2.67
ART107WatercolorTo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
ART111Art Appreciation1997/06 - Present3.00HUM 2GEP3.00
ART114Art History I1997/06 - Present3.00HA 2013.00
ART115Art History II1997/06 - Present3.00HA 2023.00
ART116Survey of Am. Art1997/06 - Present3.00HA 2033.00
ART117Non-West Art Hist1997/06 - Present3.00HA ***3.00
ART121Two-Dimensional DesignTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART122Design IITo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART131Drawing l1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART132Drawing II1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART135Figure DrawingTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART151Art Appreciation1992/08 - 1997/085.00TR ***3.33
ART152SculptureTo 1997/085.00TR ***3.33
ART214Portfolio & ResumeTo Present1.00TR ***1.00
ART221Art AppreciationTo 1994/085.00No Credit0.00
ART235Figure Draw II1997/06 - Present3.00ADN 2813.00
ART240Painting 1To Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART241Painting 2To Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART244WatercolorTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART250Surface Design:TextilesTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART264Digital Photography ITo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART281Sculpture ITo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART283Ceramics ITo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART284Ceramics IITo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART288StudioTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART171Computer Art ITo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ASL111Elem ASL lTo Present3.00ECI ***3.00
ASL112Elementary ASL IITo Present3.00ECI ***3.00
AST111Descript. Astrom.1997/06 - Present3.00PY 1233.00
PY 124

AST111ADesc. Astrom. Lab.1997/06 - Present1.00PY 1251.00
AST151Gen. Astronomy I1997/06 - Present3.00PY 1233.00
AST151AGen. Astron.I Lab1997/06 - Present1.00PY 1251.00
AST152Gen. Astronomy II1997/06 - Present3.00PY 1243.00
AST152AGn. Astron. Lab II1997/06 - Present1.00PY 1251.00
ATR211Robot ProgrammingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUB111Painting/Refnsh ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUB121Non-Structural Damage ITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AUB131Structurl Damage ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUB136Plastics/AdhesivesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUB162Autobody EstimatinTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AUT110Auto RepairTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUT111Autp Body Repr lTo Present10.00No Credit0.00
AUT1111Auto Body Repair ITo Present10.00No Credit0.00
AUT1112Auto Body Rep IITo Present10.00No Credit0.00
AUT1113Auto Body Repr IIITo Present12.00No Credit0.00
AUT1114Auto Body Repr IVTo Present12.00No Credit0.00
AUT112Auto Body Repr llTo Present10.00No Credit0.00
AUT113Auto Body Rpr lllTo Present12.00No Credit0.00
AUT114Auto Body Rpr lVTo Present12.00No Credit0.00
AUT115Engine FundTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT116Engine RepairTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT116ABasic Auto ElectTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
AUT121Basic EnginsTo Present7.00No Credit0.00
AUT122Auto Brake SysTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUT123Engin Elect SystTo Present9.00No Credit0.00
AUT124Auto Fuel SysTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUT125Auto Pwr TrainsTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
AUT126Fund Auto CompTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT127Emiss/Elec ContrlsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT128Auto Htng/ACTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUT129Pwr Trn ServTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AUT131Tune-up/Elec CntrlTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUT141Suspen Steer SysTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUT141ASuspension & Steering LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
AUT151Brake SystemTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT151ABrake System LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
AUT152Brake Systems LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
AUT161Electrical SystemTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUT162Chassis Elect&ElecTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT163Chassis Elect&ElecTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
AUT163AAdv Auto Electricity LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
AUT164Automotive ElectronicsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT171Heat Air ConditionTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT181Engine Perform ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT181AEng Perform LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
AUT182Engine Perfor-ElecTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
AUT183Engine Performance FuelsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT184Engine Pefor Fuels LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
AUT211Auto MachiningTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUT218Auto Fuel InjctnTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUT221AutoTras/Axles/DrtTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT221AAutoTras/Axles/DrtTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
AUT222XAuto Mach ShopTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUT222YAUT 222 LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
AUT223Auto Trans RebldTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
AUT224Elec Pwr AccessTo Present6.00No Credit0.00
AUT231Man Tras/Axles/DrtTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT231AMan Tras/Axles/DrtTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT232Manual Dr Trains/Axels LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
AUT281Adv Engine PerformanceTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT1110Automotive RepairTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
BAF110Princip of BankingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BAF131Fund of Bank LendTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BAF141Law/Banking: PrinTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BAF222Money/BankingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BAF232Consumer LendingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BAF234Resid Mtg LendingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BAF235Anal Financial StmTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BIO092Basics of Cell BiologyTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
BIO0092XFund Biology ITo 1997/053.00No Credit0.00
BIO0092YBio LabTo 1997/051.00No Credit0.00
BIO0092YBio Lab1997/06 - Present1.00No Credit0.00
BIO0103Hmn Structr Func ITo 1997/072.00No Credit0.00
BIO0103LBio 103 LabTo 1997/071.33No Credit0.00
BIO0105MicrobiologyTo 1997/072.00No Credit0.00
BIO0105LBio 105 LabTo 1997/073.00No Credit0.00
BIO092CBasic Cell BiolTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BIO092LBasic Cell BiolTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
BIO092XFund Biology ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BIO092YFund Biology I LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
BIO106H Anat Phy ITo Present6.00No Credit0.00
BIO106CInt Anat/Phys/MicrTo 1997/052.00No Credit0.00
BIO106LInt Anat/Phys/MicrTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
BIO107H Anat Phy IITo Present6.00No Credit0.00
BIO108MicrobiologyTo Present6.00No Credit0.00
BIO110Prin of Biology1997/06 - Present4.00BIO 1053.00
BIO 1**

BIO110XBio Chem Hlth SciTo Present3.00BIO ***2.00
BIO110YBio - 110 LabTo Present1.00BIO 1**0.67
BIO111Gen Biology I1997/06 - Present4.00BIO 1834.00
BIO111CGen Biology I1997/06 - Present3.00BIO 1**3.00
Prerequisite BIO l & l Lab required for BIO 183 equivalency and BIO ll & Lab required for BIO 181 equivalency.
BIO111LGen Biology I Lab1997/06 - Present1.00BIO 1**1.00
Prerequisite BIO l & l Lab required for BIO 183 equivalency and BIO ll & Lab required for BIO 181 equivalency.
BIO112Gen Biology Il1997/06 - Present4.00BIO 1814.00
BIO112CGen Biology II1997/06 - Present3.00BIO ***3.00
Prerequisite BIO l & l Lab required for BIO 183 equivalency and BIO ll & Lab required for BIO 181 equivalency.
BIO112LGen Bio Lab1997/06 - Present1.00BIO ***1.00
Prerequisite BIO l & l Lab required for BIO 183 equivalency and BIO ll & Lab required for BIO 181 equivalency.
BIO120Gen Botany1997/06 - Present4.00PB 2004.00
BIO120CIntro BotanyTo Present3.00PB ***3.00
Prerequisite: Botany (3hr) & Botany Lab (1hr) required for PB 200 equivalency
BIO120LIntro Botany LabTo Present1.00PB ***1.00
Prerequisite: Botany (3hr) & Botany Lab (1hr) required for PB 200 equivalency
BIO121General Biol ITo 1997/055.00BIO 1**3.33
Prerequisite BIO l & l Lab required for BIO 183 equivalency and BIO ll & Lab required for BIO 181 equivalency.
BIO121LBio 121 LabTo 1997/055.00BIO 1**0.67
Prerequisite BIO l & l Lab required for BIO 183 equivalency and BIO ll & Lab required for BIO 181 equivalency.
BIO122General Biol IlTo 1997/055.00BIO 1**3.33
Prerequisite BIO l & l Lab required for BIO 183 equivalency and BIO ll & Lab required for BIO 181 equivalency.
BIO122LBio 122 LabTo 1997/055.00BIO 1**0.67
Prerequisite BIO l & l Lab required for BIO 183 equivalency and BIO ll & Lab required for BIO 181 equivalency.
BIO130Intro Zoology1997/06 - Present4.00BIO 1411.00
BIO 140

BIO130CIntro Zoology1997/06 - Present3.00BIO 1GEP3.00
BIO130LIntro Zoology1997/06 - Present1.00BIO 1GEP1.00
BIO140Environmental Bio1997/06 - Present3.00ES ***3.00
BIO140AEnvironmental Bio1997/06 - Present1.00BIO ***1.00
BIO150Genetics in Human AffairsTo Present3.00GN 3013.00
BIO151General BiologyTo Present5.00BIO ***3.33
Prerequisite BIO l & l Lab required for BIO 183 equivalency and BIO ll & Lab required for BIO 181 equivalency.
BIO151LGen Bio Lab ITo Present1.00BIO 1**0.67
Prerequisite BIO l & l Lab required for BIO 183 equivalency and BIO ll & Lab required for BIO 181 equivalency.
BIO151XGen Bio ITo 1997/085.00BIO 1**3.33
Prerequisite BIO l & l Lab required for BIO 183 equivalency and BIO ll & Lab required for BIO 181 equivalency.
BIO151YGen Bio LabTo 1997/081.00BIO 1**0.67
Prerequisite BIO l & l Lab required for BIO 183 equivalency and BIO ll & Lab required for BIO 181 equivalency.
BIO152Gen Bio II & LabTo 1997/085.00BIO ***3.33
Prerequisite BIO l & l Lab required for BIO 183 equivalency and BIO ll & Lab required for BIO 181 equivalency.
BIO152XGen Bio IITo 1997/085.00BIO 1**3.33
Prerequisite BIO l & l Lab required for BIO 183 equivalency and BIO ll & Lab required for BIO 181 equivalency.
BIO152YGen Bio II LabTo 1997/081.00BIO 1**0.67
Prerequisite BIO l & l Lab required for BIO 183 equivalency and BIO ll & Lab required for BIO 181 equivalency.
BIO155NutritionTo Present3.00NTR 3013.00
BIO160XH Anat&Pys ITo 1997/085.00BIO 2**3.33
Prerequisite: Hum Anat (3hr) & Hum Anat Lab(1hr) required for BIO 212 equivalency
BIO160YH Anat&Pys I LabTo 1997/081.00BIO 2**0.67
Prerequisite: Hum Anat (3hr) & Hum Anat Lab(1hr) required for BIO 212 equivalency
BIO161Anat&Pys II &LabTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
BIO161QH Anat&Pys II &LabTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
BIO161XHum Anat & Phys IITo Present5.00BIO 2**3.33
BIO161YHum Anat & Phys LbTo Present1.00BIO 2**0.67
BIO162Microbiology & LabTo 1997/085.00MB ***3.33
BIO162XMicrobiologyTo Present5.00MB ***3.33
BIO162YMicrobiology LabTo Present1.00MB ***0.67
BIO163Basic Anat & Phys1997/06 - Present5.00BIO 2124.00
BIO 2**

BIO163CBasic Anat & Phys1997/06 - Present4.00BIO ***4.00
Prerequisite: Hum Anat (3hr) & Hum Anat Lab(1hr) required for BIO 212 equivalency
BIO163LBasic Anat & Phys1997/06 - Present1.00BIO ***1.00
Prerequisite: Hum Anat (3hr) & Hum Anat Lab(1hr) required for BIO 212 equivalency
BIO168Anat/Physiology l1997/06 - 2017/084.00BIO 2124.00
BIO168Anat/Physiology l2017/08 - Present4.00BIO 2404.00
BIO168CAnat/Physiology l1997/06 - Present3.00BIO ***3.00
Prerequisite: Hum Anat (3hr) & Hum Anat Lab(1hr) required for BIO 212 equivalency
BIO168LAnat/Physio l LabTo Present1.00BIO ***1.00
Prerequisite: Hum Anat (3hr) & Hum Anat Lab(1hr) required for BIO 212 equivalency
BIO169Anat/Physio 2To 2017/084.00BIO ***4.00
BIO169Anat/Physio 22017/08 - Present4.00BIO 2454.00
BIO169CAnat & Physio llTo Present3.00BIO ***3.00
BIO169LAnat/Physio ll LabTo Present1.00BIO ***1.00
BIO175Gen MicrobiologyTo Present3.00MB ***3.00
BIO175CGen MicrobiologyTo Present2.00MB ***2.00
BIO175LGen MicrobiologyTo Present1.00MB ***1.00
BIO180Biological ChemTo Present3.00BCH ***3.00
BIO180CBiological ChemTo Present2.00BCH ***2.00
BIO180LBiological Chem LaTo Present1.00BCH ***1.00
BIO201Biology ITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
BIO202Biology IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
BIO230EntomologyTo Present4.00TR ***1.00
ENT 201

BIO243Marine BiologyTo Present4.00TR ***1.00
MEA 220

BIO250Genetics1997/06 - Present4.00GN ***4.00
BIO250CGeneticsTo Present3.00GN ***3.00
BIO250LGenetics LabTo Present1.00GN ***1.00
BIO251Gen Botany & LabTo 1997/085.00PB ***3.33
BIO261Gen Zoology & LabTo 1997/085.00BIO ***3.33
BIO261XGen ZoologyTo 1997/085.00BIO ***3.33
BIO261YGen Zoology LabTo 1997/081.00BIO ***0.67
BIO275Microbiology1997/05 - Present4.00MB 3521.00
MB 351

BIO275CMicrobiologyTo Present3.00MB 3**3.00
Prerequisite 275C & 275L required for MB 351 equivalency
BIO275LMicrobiology LabTo Present1.00MB 3**1.00
Prerequisite 275C & 275L required for MB 351 equivalency
BIO111CGen Biology ITo Present3.00BIO 1834.00

Gen Biology I Lab

To Present

BIO112CGen Biology IITo Present3.00BIO 1814.00

Gen Bio Lab

To Present

BPR101Schematics/DiagrmsTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
BPR111Blue Print ReadingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
BPR1101Schematics & DiagramsTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
BPR1113Bprint Read-ElectTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
BPR112Blue Print ReadingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
BPR121Blueprint ReadTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
BPR130Blueprint ReadTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
BTC181Basic Lab TechTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
BTC281Bioprocess TechTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
BTC281CBioprocess TechTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
BTC281LBioprocess TechTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
BTC285CCell CultureTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BTC285LCell CultureTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
BTC286Immunolgcl TechniqTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BTC286LImmunolgcl TechnqTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
BTC288Biotech Lab ExpeTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
BUS0109Desk ComputerTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
BUS0110Math By CalcTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS0128SpreadsheetsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
BUS0191Keyboarding ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS101Intro to BusinessTo 1997/063.00No Credit0.00
BUS102TypewritingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS103Small Bus OpertnsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS104TypewritingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS105TypedwritingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS106ShorthandTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
BUS107Dict TransTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
BUS108Dict TransTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
BUS109Desktop ComputTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
BUS110Intro to Business1997/06 - Present3.00MIE 2013.00
BUS1103Sm Bus OperationsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS112Records MgntTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
BUS115Business Law I1997/07 - Present3.00BUS 3053.00
BUS116Business Law IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS118Word Proc on MicroTo 1997/082.00No Credit0.00
BUS120Acc Prin lTo Present6.00No Credit0.00
BUS121Business MathTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
BUS123Bus FinanceTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS124Bus Finance IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS125Personal FinanceTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS135Prin of SupervisnTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS136Desktop PublishTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
BUS137Principles MgmtTo Present3.00BUS ***3.00
BUS138Intro Public AdminTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS139Entrepreneurship ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS152Human RelationsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS153Human ResourceTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS183Terminology & VocTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
BUS185Bus OrganizaTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS191Keyboarding SkillsTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
BUS202SupervisionTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS206Cntmp & Econ ProbTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS210Info Process ConTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS217Emply Law/RegsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS225Business FinanceTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS228Business StatsTo Present3.00ST 3113.00
BUS230Small Bus MgmtTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS231Women in MgmtTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS232Small Bus StartupTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS233Human Rsrc MgmtTo 1997/063.00No Credit0.00
BUS234ManagementTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS235Small Bus ManageTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS239Bus ApplicatTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
BUS240Business EthicsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS245Total Quality MgmtTo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
BUS252Labor RelationsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS253Leadership and Mgt SkillsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS256Recruit Sel/Per PlTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS258Compenatn/BenefitTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS259HRM ApplicationsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS260Business CommTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS263Payroll TaxTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS94BookkeepingTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
BUS285Business Management IssuesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CAR110Intro to CarpentryTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CAR114Resident Bldg CodeTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CAR115Res Planning/EstimatingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CAS0101Intro to MicrocompTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CAS0130Micro Data MngmentTo Present0.67No Credit0.00
CAS101MicrocomputersTo 1997/081.00No Credit0.00
CAS103Advanced Dos/WindoTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CAS105Intro Video TechTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CAS106Intro Distance LeaTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CAS107Intro Audio TechTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CAS126Intro to SpreadsTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CAS128SpreadsheetsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CAS136Desktop PublishingTo Present1.33No Credit0.00
CAS140Data AccessTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
CAS217Data CommunicationTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CAS218Network TechnlogyTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
CAT103Basic DrawingTo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
CAT104Basic DesignTo 1997/084.00No Credit0.00
CAT105Visual OrganTo 1997/084.00No Credit0.00
CAT108Typography ITo 1997/084.00No Credit0.00
CAT115Intro to Photo ITo 1997/082.00No Credit0.00
CAT116Intro to Photo IITo 1997/082.00No Credit0.00
CER153CeramicsTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CER154PotteryTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CER261Ceramics IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CHI111Elem Chin lTo Present3.00FLC 1013.00
CHI112Elem Chin llTo Present3.00FLC 1023.00
CHI181Chinese Lab lTo Present1.00TR ***1.00
CHI182Chinese Lab llTo Present1.00TR ***1.00
CHI211Intermed Chin lTo Present3.00FLC 2013.00
CHI212Intermed Chin llTo Present3.00FLC 2023.00
CHM0090Develop Chem ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CHM0091Dev Chem IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CHM0091LDev Chem Lab ITo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CHM0091XDevelop Chem IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CHM0091YDev Chem II LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CHM0092Dev Chem IIITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CHM0092LDev Chem Lab IIITo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CHM0092XDev Chem IIITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CHM0092YDev Chem Lab IIITo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CHM0101XChemistry ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CHM0101YCHM-0101 LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CHM0102XChemistry IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CHM0102YCHM-0102 LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CHM0151XGen Chemistry ITo 1997/065.00CH 1**3.33
Prerequisite: 151X & 151Y required for CH 101 & 102 equivalency
CHM0151YCHM-0151 LabTo 1997/061.00CH 1**0.67
Prerequisite: 151X & 151Y required for CH 101 & 102 equivalency
CHM081Basic Chemistry ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CHM081CBasic Chem lTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CHM081LBasic Chem LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CHM082Basic Chem IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
CHM082CBasic Chem IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CHM082LBasic Chem IITo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CHM090Develop Chem lTo 1997/063.00No Credit0.00
CHM091XDevelop Chem llTo 1997/053.00No Credit0.00
CHM091YDevel Chem Lab llTo 1997/051.00No Credit0.00
CHM092XDevel Chem lllTo 1997/053.00No Credit0.00
CHM092YDevel Chem lllTo 1997/051.00No Credit0.00
CHM101XChemistry ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CHM101YChemistry I LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CHM102XChemistry IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CHM102YChemistry II LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CHM131Intro to Chemistry1997/06 - Present3.00CH 1013.00
CHM131AIntro Chem lab1997/06 - Present1.00CH 1021.00
CHM132Organic&Biochem1997/06 - Present4.00CH 2204.00
CHM135Survey of Chem I1997/06 - Present4.00CH 1021.00
CH 101

CHM135CSurvey of Chem ITo Present3.00CH 1013.00
CHM135LSurvey of Chem ITo Present1.00CH 1021.00
CHM136Survey of Chem II1997/06 - Present4.00CH 2021.00
CH 201

CHM136CSurvey of Chem IITo Present3.00CH 2013.00
CHM136LSurvey of Chem IITo Present1.00CH 2021.00
CHM151Gen Chemistry ITo 1997/054.00CH 1013.00
CH 1**

CHM151Gen Chemistry I1997/06 - Present4.00CH 1021.00
CH 101

CHM151CGen Chem I1997/06 - Present3.00CH 1013.00
CHM151LGen Chem Lab ITo 1997/051.00CH 1**0.67
CHM151LGen Chem Lab I1997/06 - Present1.00CH 1021.00
CHM151XGen Chemistry ITo 1997/065.00CH 1**3.33
Prerequisite: Gen Chem 1 (Qtr hr) & Lab (Qtr hr) and Gen Chem 2 (Qtr hr) & Lab (Qtr hr) required for CH 101& CH 102 equivalency
CHM151YGen Chem Lab ITo 1997/061.00CH 1**0.67
Prerequisite: Gen Chem 1 (Qtr hr) & Lab (Qtr hr) and Gen Chem 2 (Qtr hr) & Lab (Qtr hr) required for CH 101& CH 102 equivalency
CHM152Gen Chem llTo 1997/054.00CH 2013.00
CH 2**

CHM152Gen Chem ll1997/06 - Present4.00CH 2021.00
CH 201

CHM152CGen Chem IITo Present3.00CH 2013.00
CHM152LGen Chem II LabTo 1997/051.00CH 2**0.67
CHM152LGen Chem II Lab1997/06 - Present1.00CH 2021.00
CHM152XGen Chem IITo 1997/085.00CH 1**3.33
Prerequisite: Gen Chem 1 (Qtr hr) & Lab (Qtr hr) and Gen Chem 2 (Qtr hr) & Lab (Qtr hr) required for CH 101& CH 102 equivalency
CHM152YGen Chem II LabTo 1997/081.00CH 1**0.67
Prerequisite: Gen Chem 1 (Qtr hr) & Lab (Qtr hr) and Gen Chem 2 (Qtr hr) & Lab (Qtr hr) required for CH 101& CH 102 equivalency
CHM221XGeneral ChemTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CHM221YChm-221 LabTo 1997/051.00No Credit0.00
CHM251Organic ChemistryTo Present4.00CH 2221.00
CH 221

CHM251XOrganic Chem ITo 1997/055.00CH ***3.33
Prerequisite: Organic Chem l& Lab required for CH 221 & 222 equvalency, and Organic Chem II & Lab required for CH 223 & 224 equivalency.
CHM251YOrganic Chem LabTo 1997/051.00CH 2**0.67
Prerequisite: Organic Chem l& Lab required for CH 221 & 222 equvalency, and Organic Chem II & Lab required for CH 223 & 224 equivalency.
CHM252Organic Chem 2To Present4.00CH 2241.00
CH 223

CHM260Quantitative AnalTo 1997/086.00No Credit0.00
CHM101Gen Chem lTo Present4.00CH 1**2.67
CIS110Intro to Computers1997/06 - Present3.00CSC 2003.00
CIS110CIntro to ComputersTo Present2.00CSC ***2.00
Prerequisite CIS 110C & 110L required for CSC 200 equivalency
CIS110LIntro to Comput LbTo Present1.00CSC ***1.00
Prerequisite CIS 110C & 110L required for CSC 200 equivalency
CIS111Basic PC Literacy1997/06 - Present2.00No Credit0.00
CIS113Computer BasicsTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CIS115Intro Prog&Logic1997/06 - Present3.00CSC ***3.00
CIS120Spreadsheet ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS130Surv of Oper SysTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS152Databs Conc/AppsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS162MM Present SoftwarTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS163ProgIntrfacsInternTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS172Intro to InternetTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS174Ntwrk Sys Mngr lTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS175Network Mgmt lTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS215Hardware Inst/MainTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS216Sftwr Instll/MaintTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CIS220Spreadsheets IITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CIS226Trends in TechnolTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CIS245Oper Sys Multi UseTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS274Ntwrk Sys Mngr llTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS275Ntwrk Mgmt llTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS286System Analy &DesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS287Network SupportTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS288Systm ProjectTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIV101Surveying ITo 1997/084.00No Credit0.00
CIV105Civil CAD ITo 1997/084.00No Credit0.00
CIV110Statics StrengthTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
CIV111Soils & FoundationTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIV125Civil/Survey CAD1997/06 - Present2.00No Credit0.00
CIV210Engineer MaterialsTo 1997/052.00No Credit0.00
CIV210Engineer Materials1997/06 - Present2.00No Credit0.00
CIV211Hydraulics&HydrolTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIV212Environ PlanningTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIV222Reinforced ConcretTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIV230Construction EstimTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIV240Project MgmtTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC100Basic Law EnforcementTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC0109Crim Eviden&ProcTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC101Intro Crim JustTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CJC102Constitution LawTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CJC103CriminologyTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CJC104Law Enforce OperTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC105Intro CorrectionsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC106Correct CounselTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
CJC108Criminal LawTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CJC111Intro to Crim Just1997/07 - Present3.00SOC ***3.00
CJC112CriminologyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC112AConfinement FaciTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CJC113Juvenile JusticeTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC114Organized TheoryTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CJC114AOrganizat TheoryTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CJC120Interviews/InterrogationsTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CJC121Law Enforce OperTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
CJC122Community PolicingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC131Criminal LawTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC132Court Procedure &To Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC141CorrectionsTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
CJC144Crime Scene ProcesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC146Trace EvidenceTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC151Intro to Loss PrevTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC160Terrorism: Underlying IssuTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC161Intro Homeland SecurityTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC163Trans and Border SecuTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC202Judicial ProcessTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CJC206Criminal Just IssuTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC209Juvenile DelinquenTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CJC210Criminal Invest ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
CJC211Community RelationTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC212Prisoners RightsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC213Substance AbuseTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC214VictimologyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC215Organ & AdministrTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC221Substance AbuseTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CJC222CriminalisticsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC223Organized CrimeTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC231Constitutional LawTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC241Comm-Based CorrectTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC245Frictn Ridge AnalyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC250Forensic BiologyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC251Forensic Chemistry ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
COE0121Co-op Wk ExpTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
COE101Personal Dev & ComTo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
COE111Co-Op EdTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
COE112Co-op Work ExperTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
COE115Work Exp Seminar ITo Present1.00No Credit0.00
COE121Co-op Work Exp IITo Present1.00No Credit0.00
COE122Co-Op EduTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
COE224Lex IntrnshpTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
COM110Intro to Communica1997/06 - Present3.00COM ***3.00
COM120Interpersonal Comm1997/06 - Present3.00COM 1123.00
COM231Public Speaking1997/06 - Present3.00COM 1103.00
COM233Persuasive Spking1997/06 - Present3.00ENG ***3.00
COS111Cosmetology Con ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
COS112Salon ITo Present8.00No Credit0.00
COS113Cosmet Conpt IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
COS114ASalon IITo Present1.00No Credit0.00
COS114BSalon IITo Present7.00No Credit0.00
COS115ACosmet Cpts IIITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
COS115BCossmet Cpts IIITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
COS116ASalon IIITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
COS116BSalon IIITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
COS117Cosmet Cpts IVTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
COS118Salon IVTo Present7.00No Credit0.00
CSC0104Intro to Data ProcTo 1997/063.00No Credit0.00
CSC103Intro to ProgrammiTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC104Intro to Data ProcTo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
CSC114Operating SystemsTo Present2.67No Credit0.00
CSC116Bus Basic LanguageTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
CSC118Word Process MicroTo Present0.67No Credit0.00
CSC119Cir Anal w/PascalTo 1997/084.00No Credit0.00
CSC133C ProgrammingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC134C++ ProgrammingTo Present3.00CSC 1143.00
CSC135COBOL ProgrmTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC136Fortran ProgTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC136Fortran ProgTo 2014/083.00No Credit0.00
CSC137Pascal ProgrammTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC138RPG ProgramTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC139Vis BASIC ProgTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
CSC141Visual C++ ProgrammingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC143Object-Orient ProgTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC148JAVA ProgrmTo Present3.00CSC 1163.00
CSC151JAVA ProgrmTo Present3.00CSC 1163.00
CSC153C# ProgrammingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC160Intro Internet ProTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC200Care & Update MicrTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CSC205Assembler LangTo 1997/084.00CSC ***2.67
CSC234Advance C++2002/07 - Present3.00CSC 2143.00
CSC235Adv COBOLTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC238Adv RPGTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC239Adv Visual BASICTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
CSC248Adv Intrnet ProgrTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC251Advanced JAVA ProgrammingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC253Advanced C ProgramTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC289Progrmmng CapstoneTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CST111Construction ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
CTS115Info Sys Bus ConcpTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CTS120Hardwre/Softwre SuTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CTS130SpreadsheetsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CTS220Adv Hrd/SoftwareTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CTS285Sys Analysis/DsgnTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CTS289System Support ProjectTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CUL110Sanitation&SafetyTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CUL120PurchasingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CUL130Menu DesignTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CUL135Food & Beverage ServiceTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CUL135AFood & Beverage Serv LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CUL140Basic Culin SkillsTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CUL150Food ScienceTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CUL160Baking ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CUL170Gardemanger ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CUL180Internat & Amer Reg CuisineTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CUL240Culinary Skills IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CUL250Classical CuisineTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CUL250AClassical Cuisine LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CUL260Baking IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CUL260ABaking II LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CUL270Garde Manger IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CUL270AGarde Manger II LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CUL275Catering CuisineTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CUL283Farm-To-TableTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
DAN110Dance Appreciation1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
DAN211Dance History I1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
DAN212Dance History II1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
DBA110Database ConceptsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DBA120Database Progrm ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DEN100Bas Orofacial AnatTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN101Preclinical ProceduresTo Present7.00No Credit0.00
DEN101CPreclinical ProcedTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
DEN101LPreclinical ProcedTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DEN102Dental MaterialsTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
DEN102CDental MaterialsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DEN102LDental MaterialsTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN103Dental SciencesTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN104Dental Health EducationTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DEN104CDental Health EduTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN104LDental Hlth EducTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DEN105Practice MgntTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN106Clinical Practice ITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
DEN106CClinical Pract ITo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DEN106LClinical Pract ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
DEN107Clinical Practice IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
DEN110Orofacial AnatomyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DEN110COrofacial AnatomyTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN110LOrofacial AnatomyTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DEN111Infectn/Hazard CntTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN111XDental Hygiene lTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
DEN111YDEN - 111 LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DEN112Dent Anat & PhysioTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DEN112CDental RadiographTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN112LDental RadiographTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DEN120Dent Hyg PreclincTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN121Dent Hyg PreclincTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN123Nutritn/DentalHlthTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN124PeriodontologyTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN125Dental Office EmrgTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DEN130Dental Hyf TheoryTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN131Dental Hyf ClinicTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DEN140Dent Hyg Theory llTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DEN141Dent Hyg Clinic llTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN220DentHyg TheorylllTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN221DentHyg Clinic lllTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
DEN222Gen & Oral PathTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN223Dent PharmacologyTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN224CMater& ProceduresTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DEN224LMater& ProceduresTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DEN230Dent Hyf Theory lVTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DEN231Dent Hyf Clinic lVTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
DEN232CCommunity Dent HltTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN232LCommunity Dent HltTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DEN233Profess DevelopTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DES104Basic DesignTo 1997/084.00No Credit0.00
DES115Advertising DesignTo 1997/084.00No Credit0.00
DES135Design Studio ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
DFT0101Tech DraftingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DFT0121Comp Aided Dft ITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DFT101Tech Draft ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DFT1101Schematics&DiagramTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DFT111Technical Draft ITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DFT111ATech Draft I LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DFT112Tech Drafting IITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DFT112ATech Draft II LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DFT119Basic CAD1997/06 - Present2.00No Credit0.00
DFT151CAD ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DFT152CAD IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DFT161Computer Aided Draft ITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DMA010Operations with IntegersTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DMA020Fractions and DecimalsTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DMA030Propor/Ratio/Rate/ PercentTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DMA040Express/ Lin Equat/ InequalTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DMA050Graphs/ Equations of LinesTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DMA060Polynomial/Quadratic ApplTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DMA065Algebra for PrecalculusTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DMA070Rational Express/EquationTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DMA080Radical Express/EquationsTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DMS001Developmental Math Shell ITo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DMS002Developmental Math Shell 2To Present2.00No Credit0.00
DMS003Devel Math Shell 3To Present3.00No Credit0.00
DMS004Developmental Math Shell 4To Present4.00No Credit0.00
DRA111Theatre Apprec.1997/06 - Present3.00THE 1033.00
DRA112Lit of the Theatre1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
DRA115Theatre Criticism1997/06 - Present3.00COM ***3.00
DRA120Voice for PerformanceTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
DRA122Oral Interpretatio1997/06 - Present3.00COM 2133.00
DRA126Storytelling1997/06 - Present3.00COM ***3.00
DRA130Acting ITo Present3.00COM ***3.00
DRA211Theatre Hist I1997/06 - Present3.00COM ***3.00
DRA212Theatre Hist II1997/06 - Present3.00COM ***3.00
DRE098Integrated Reading Writing ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ECO0151Basic EconomicsTo 1997/065.00No Credit0.00
ECO0152MacroeconomicsTo 1997/065.00EC 2023.00
EC 2**

ECO102EconomicsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ECO104Economics IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ECO151Survey of Economic1997/06 - Present3.00EC 1**3.00
ECO152MacreconomicsTo 1997/085.00EC 2023.00
EC 2**

ECO153MicroeconomicsTo 1997/085.00EC 2013.00
EC 2**

ECO205Applied EconTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ECO251Prin. of Microeco.1997/06 - Present3.00EC 2013.00
ECO252Prin of Macroecon1997/06 - Present3.00EC 2023.00
EDP0103Int-ProgTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDP103Int ProgTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDP104Intro Data ProcessTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDP109Cobol lTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EDP110Cobol llTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EDP290Micro TechTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
EDP+0103Intro ProgrammingTo Present3.00CSC ***3.00
EDP+0104Intro Data ProcessTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU111Early Child Cred ITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
EDU112Erly Child Cred IITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
EDU119Early Childhood EdTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
EDU125Childcare Cred ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU128Childcare Cred IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU131Child, Family&CommTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU144Child Develpment ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU145Child Devel llTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU146Child GuidanceTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU151Creative ActivitiesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU153Health Safety NutrTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU157Active PlayTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU185Cognitive&LangTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU186Read & Writ MethTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU188Iss in Erly ChldTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
EDU221Childrn - Spec NdsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU252Math & Sci ActivtyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU259Curriculum PlanTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU261Early Chldhd Adm ITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
EDU262Early Child Adm IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU271Educational TechnologyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU275Effectv Tchr TrngTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
EDU280Language & Lit ExpTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU282Early Childhd LitTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU284Early Child Capstone PracTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
EDU298Seminar Early ChilTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EFL084Grammar IVTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EGR115Intro TechnologyTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
EGR120Eng and Design GraphicsTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
EGR150Intro to EngineeringTo Present2.00E ***2.00
EGR220Engineering StaticsTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ELC0101AFund Of Elect ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ELC0101BFund Of Elect ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELC0101XFund Of Elect ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELC0101YELC0101 LabTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ELC0103XFund Of Elect IITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ELC0103YFund Elect II LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ELC101Fund Of elecTo Present6.00No Credit0.00
ELC101XFund of Elect ITo 1997/084.00No Credit0.00
ELC101YELC LabTo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
ELC103Fund Of ElectTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ELC103XFund of Elect IITo 1997/082.00No Credit0.00
ELC103YELC LabTo 1997/081.00No Credit0.00
ELC112DC/AC ElectricityTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ELC113Basic Writing ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELC114Basic Wiring IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELC115Industrial WiringTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELC117Motors & ControlsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELC118Ntnl Electr CodeTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ELC119NEC CalculationsTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ELC121Electrical EstimatingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ELC127Software For TechnTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ELC128Intro to PLCTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ELC131DC/AC Circuit AnalTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ELC131ADC/AC Circuit Analy. LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ELC140Intro ElectricityTo Present7.00No Credit0.00
ELC220Photovoltaic Sys TechTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ELC221Adv PV Sys DesignsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ELC229App ProjectTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ELC231Electric Power SystemsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN0103XActive Devices ITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ELN0103YActive Dev. I LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ELN0104XActive Devices IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN0104YActive Dev II LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ELN0105XBas Logic CircuitsTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ELN0105YBas Log Cir LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ELN0214Comp PrinciplesTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN100Intro ElectronicsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN102Logic CirctsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ELN102LLogic Circuits LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ELN103Act Device ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ELN103XActive Devices ITo 1997/082.00No Credit0.00
ELN103YELN LabTo 1997/081.00No Credit0.00
ELN104Act Device 2To Present5.00No Credit0.00
ELN104XActive Devices IITo 1997/084.00No Credit0.00
ELN104YELN LabTo 1997/081.00No Credit0.00
ELN105XBasic Log CircTo 1997/082.00No Credit0.00
ELN105YBasic Log Circ LabTo 1997/081.00No Credit0.00
ELN106Passive Networks ITo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
ELN110Com Cir PascTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ELN131Electronic DevicesTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN132Linear IC ApplicatTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN132CLinear IC ApplicatTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ELN132LLin IC ApplsTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ELN133Digital ElectronicTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN206Active Network AnTo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
ELN207Act Network Anal 2To 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
ELN209Passive Networks 2To 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
ELN214Cmpt PrinciplesTo 1997/084.00No Credit0.00
ELN216MicrocomputersTo 1997/088.00No Credit0.00
ELN220Elect SystemsTo 1997/086.00No Credit0.00
ELN231Industrl ControlsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ELN232Intro To MicroprocTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN232CIntro To MicroprocTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ELN232LIntr Microproc LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ELN233Microprocess SystTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN234Communicat SystemTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN235Indus Mech&InstrTo 1997/088.00No Credit0.00
ELN240Indust Applc&MicroTo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
ELN249Digital CommunicatTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ELN260Prog Logic ControllersTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
EMS110EMT-BasicTo Present7.00No Credit0.00
EMS120Intermed Intervent1997/06 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
EMS121EMS Clinical Pract1997/06 - Present2.00No Credit0.00
EMS130Pharmacology lTo 1997/052.00No Credit0.00
EMS130Pharmacology l1997/06 - Present2.00No Credit0.00
EMS131Adv Airway MgmtTo 1997/072.00No Credit0.00
EMS131Adv Airway Mgmt1997/08 - Present2.00No Credit0.00
EMS132Med Com:Extricatn/To Present3.00No Credit0.00
EMS140Rescue Scen Mgmt1997/06 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
EMS150Emerg Veh&EMSTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
EMS210Adv Patient Assess1997/06 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
EMS220Cardiology1997/06 - Present4.00No Credit0.00
EMS221Ems Clinical Pract1997/06 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
EMS235EMS ManagementTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ENC1930Essay WritingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG0096Vocabulary&ReadTo 1997/064.00No Credit0.00
ENG0097Grammar & CompTo 1997/064.00No Credit0.00
ENG0098CompositionTo 1997/054.00No Credit0.00
ENG0100Reading EffTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ENG0101Grammar for CompTo 1997/053.00No Credit0.00
ENG0101MCompositionTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ENG0103Report WritTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG0120Comp for Non-NativTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG0131Speech CommunicatTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ENG0150Prep for College WTo 1997/065.00No Credit0.00
ENG0151English CompositioTo 1997/065.00ENG 1GEP3.00
Prerequisite 2 (3 hr) ENG 1GEP/(1**) courses required for ENG 101 equivalency.
ENG0152Eng Comp & LitTo 1997/065.00ENG 1GEP3.00
Prerequisite 2 (3 hr) ENG 1GEP/(1**) courses required for ENG 101 equivalency.
ENG0160Oral CommunicationTo Present3.00COM ***3.00
ENG0161Comm Through SpeecTo 1997/065.00COM 1103.00
COM 1**

ENG070Basic Language Ski1997/06 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG080Writing Foundation1997/06 - Present4.00No Credit0.00
ENG080AWriting FoundationsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ENG090Comp Strategies1997/06 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG090AComp Strategies LaTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ENG091Voc ReadTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ENG092Gram CompTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ENG093Voc CompTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ENG095Vocab&Read lTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ENG097Grammar & CompTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ENG098CompositionTo 1997/054.00No Credit0.00
ENG101Appl CommuncatnsTo 1997/073.00No Credit0.00
ENG101Appl Communcatns1997/08 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG102Composition ITo 1997/063.00No Credit0.00
ENG103Composition IITo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
ENG104Usage Comp ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG105Usage comm IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG106Wld Lit ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG107Wld Lit IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG108Usage & Com IIITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG110Bus EnglishTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG1101Comm Skls-GrammarTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG1102Vocational CommTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG111Expository Writ1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 1GEP3.00
Prerequisite 2 (3 hr) ENG 1GEP/(1**) courses required for ENG 101 equivalency.
ENG111AExpos Wrtng Lab1997/06 - Present1.00No Credit0.00
ENG112Arg-Based Resch.1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 1GEP3.00
Prerequisite 2 (3 hr) ENG 1GEP/(1**) courses required for ENG 101 equivalency.
ENG113Lit-Bsd Research1997/06 - 2014/123.00No Credit0.00
ENG113Lit-Bsd Research2015/01 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG114Prof Resrch&Report1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 1GEP3.00
Prerequisite 2 (3 hr) ENG 1GEP/(1**) courses required for ENG 101 equivalency.
ENG115Oral Communication1997/06 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG121English CompTo 1997/055.00No Credit0.00
ENG122Eng Comp/LitTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ENG125Creative Writing1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ENG126Creative Writing1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ENG131Intro to Literatur1997/06 - Present3.00ENG ***3.00
ENG150Prep for Coll WritTo 1997/065.00No Credit0.00
ENG151English CompTo 1997/065.00ENG 1GEP3.00
Prerequisite 2 (3 hr) ENG 1GEP/(1**) courses required for ENG 101 equivalency.
ENG152English Comp & LitTo 1997/085.00ENG 1GEP3.00
Prerequisite 2 (3 hr) ENG 1GEP/(1**) courses required for ENG 101 equivalency.
ENG160Oral CommunicatTo 1997/063.00COM 1**2.00
ENG161Comm Through SpchTo 1997/085.00COM 1103.00
COM 1**

ENG204Oral CommTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG209Wrld Lit IIITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG212Creat WritingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG231American Lit. I1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2653.00
ENG232American Lit. II1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2663.00
ENG233Major AM. Writers1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2523.00
ENG241British Lit. I1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2613.00
ENG242British Lit. II1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2623.00
ENG243Maj. Brit. Writers1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2513.00
ENG251West. World Lit. I1992/08 - 1997/053.00ENG 2653.00
ENG 2**

ENG251West. World Lit. I1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2213.00
ENG252West. World Lit.IITo 1997/053.00ENG 2663.00
ENG 2**

ENG252West. World Lit.II1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2223.00
ENG261World Lit ITo 1997/053.00ENG 2613.00
ENG 2**

ENG261World Lit I1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2**3.00
ENG262World Lit IITo 1997/053.00TR ***0.33
ENG 262

ENG262World Lit II1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2**3.00
ENG271World Lit ITo Present5.00TR ***0.33
ENG 221

ENG272World Lit IITo Present5.00TR ***0.33
ENG 222

ENG275Science FictionTo Present3.00ENG 3763.00
ENG281Lit by WomenTo 1997/083.00ENG ***2.00
ENG291Creative WritingTo 1997/083.00ENG ***2.00
ENG91Vocab Rdg lTo 1997/064.00No Credit0.00
ENG111Expository WritTo Present3.00ENG 1014.00

Arg-Based Resch.

To Present

ENG 1**

ENG111Expository WritTo Present3.00ENG 1014.00

Lit-Bsd Research

To 2014/08

No Credit

ENG111Expository WritTo Present3.00ENG 1014.00

Prof Resrch&Report

To Present

ENG 1**

ENGR115Intro TechnologyTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
EPT124EM Services Law & EthicsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EPT3600Natl Sec Challen & TerrorTo Present96.00No Credit0.00
FIP132Building ConstructTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FRE111Elemen. French I1997/06 - Present3.00FLF 1013.00
FRE112Elemen. French II1997/06 - Present3.00FLF 1023.00
FRE151Elem French ITo 1997/085.00FLF 1013.00
FLF 1**

FRE152Elem French IITo 1997/085.00FLF 1023.00
FLF 1**

FRE211Interm. French I1997/06 - Present3.00FLF 2013.00
FRE212Interm. French II1997/06 - Present3.00FLF 2023.00
FRE251Interm French ITo 1997/085.00TR ***0.33
FLF 201

FRE252Interm French IITo Present5.00TR ***0.33
FLF 202

FSE112Princ Funeral ServTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FSE114Embalming ChemTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FSE116Funeral Law&EthicTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FSE118Funeral Law & EthiTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FSE120Embalming AnatomyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FSE210Embalming TheoryTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
FSE211Embalming LabTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
FSE212Embalming TheoryTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
FSE213Embalming LabTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
FSE214PathologyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FSE215Funeral Home OperTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
FSE216Restorative ArtsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
FSE217Funeral Service PrTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GEL111Intro Geology1997/06 - Present4.00MEA 1101.00
MEA 101

GEL113Historical Geol1997/06 - Present4.00MEA 2111.00
MEA 202

GEL120Physical Geology1997/06 - Present4.00MEA 1101.00
MEA 101

GEL230Environ Geology1997/06 - Present4.00MEA 3004.00
GEO110Intro Geography1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
GEO111World Reg. Geo.1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
GEO112Cultural Geography1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
GEO113Economic Geog1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
GER111Elemen. German I1997/06 - Present3.00FLG 1013.00
GER112Elemen. German II1997/06 - Present3.00FLG 1023.00
GER151Elem German ITo 1997/085.00FLG 1013.00
FLG 1**

GER152Elem German IITo 1997/085.00FLG 1023.00
FLG 1**

GER211Interm. German I1997/06 - Present3.00FLG 2013.00
GER212Interm. German II1997/06 - Present3.00FLG 2023.00
GER251Interm Germ ITo 1997/085.00FLG 2013.00
FLG 2**

GER252Interm Germ IITo 1997/085.00TR ***0.33
FLG 202

GIS111Intro to GISTo Present2.00TR ***2.00
GRA108Lettering/TypoTo 1997/084.00No Credit0.00
GRA112Computer GraphicTo 1997/084.00No Credit0.00
GRA117Production BasicsTo 1997/084.00No Credit0.00
GRA118Adv TypographyTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
GRA121Graphic Arts lTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
GRA140Graphic Arts ImagiTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRD110Typography ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
GRD117Design Career ExplTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRD121Drawing Fund lTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRD131Illustration ITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRD132Illustration IITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRD141Graphic Design ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
GRD142Graphic Design IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
GRD151Cmptr Dsgn BasicsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
GRD152Cmptr Dsgn Tech ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
GRD153Comptr Dsgn Tech 2To Present3.00No Credit0.00
GRD160Fund Photo lTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
GRD161Photo Fund llTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
GRD167Photographic ImageTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
GRD192Sel Topics in DsgnTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRD220CalligraphyTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
GRD231Markr IllustrationTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRD241Graphic Design IIITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
GRD242Graphic Design IVTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
GRD247Design Appl IVTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
GRD265Digtl Print ProducTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
GRD271Multimedia Dsgn ITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRD280Portfolio DesignTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
GRD281Design AdvertisingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRD282Adver CopywritingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRD285Client/Media RelatTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HEA110Person Health/Well1997/06 - Present3.00PEH 2852.00
PEH ***

HEA112First Aid & CPRTo Present2.00PEH ***2.00
HIS0101MWestern Civ lTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
HIS0151Western Civiliz ITo 1997/055.00HI 2073.00
HIS0152Western Civ IITo 1997/065.00HI 2053.00
HI 2**

HIS0153American HistoryTo Present5.00TR ***0.33
HI 251

HIS0254The Civil War EraTo 1997/055.00HI ***3.33
HIS102West Civ IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
HIS104West Civ ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HIS105West Civ IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HIS106West Civ IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HIS111World Civil I1997/06 - Present3.00HI 2323.00
HIS112World Civil II1997/06 - Present3.00HI 2333.00
HIS114Comp World Hist1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
HIS115Intr Global Hist1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
HIS121Western Civiliz. I1997/06 - Present3.00HI 2073.00
HIS122Western Civil. II1997/06 - Present3.00HI 2103.00
HIS131Amer. History I1997/06 - Present3.00HI 2513.00
HIS132Amer. History II1997/06 - Present3.00HI 2523.00
HIS151Western Civil ITo 1997/085.00HI 2073.00
HI 2**

HIS152Western Civil IITo 1997/085.00HI 2053.00
HI 2**

HIS153American History ITo 1997/085.00HI 2513.00
HI 2**

HIS154Amer Hist IITo Present5.00TR ***0.33
HI 252

HIS155World Civ ITo Present5.00TR ***0.33
HI 207

HIS156World Civ IITo 1997/085.00HI 2053.00
HI 2**

HIS162Women & HistoryTo Present3.00HI ***3.00
HIS165Twentieth Cen Worl1997/06 - Present3.00HI 2333.00
HIS167The Vietnam WarTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
HIS211Ancient HistoryTo Present3.00HI 2GEP3.00
HIS212Medieval HistoryTo Present3.00HI 2083.00
HIS221American History ITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
HIS222Afric-Amer Hist ITo Present3.00TR ***3.00
HIS223African-Am His IITo Present3.00HI ***3.00
HIS226The Civil War1997/06 - Present3.00HI ***3.00
HIS227Native American Hi1997/06 - Present3.00HI ***3.00
HIS228Hist of South1997/06 - Present3.00HI ***3.00
HIS231World CivilTo 1997/055.00No Credit0.00
HIS236Nor Carolina Hist1997/06 - Present3.00HI 3643.00
HIS251English Hist ITo 1997/053.00TR ***0.33
HI 364

HIS251English Hist I1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2213.00
HIS252English Hist IITo 1997/053.00HI ***3.33
HIS252English Hist II1997/06 - Present3.00HI 2223.00
HIS253French RevolTo 1997/085.00HI ***3.33
HIS254Civil War EraTo 1997/085.00HI ***3.33
HIS255U.S. Diplom HistTo 1997/085.00HI ***3.33
HIS260History of Africa1997/06 - Present3.00HI 3733.00
HIS271French RevolutnTo Present3.00HI ***3.00
HMT110Intro Hlth Cre MgtTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HMT211Long term care admTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HMT212Mgmt of HlthcareTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HMT220Hlthcare Fin.To Present4.00No Credit0.00
HOR110Intro LandscapingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HOR112Landscape Design lTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR114Landscape ConstrTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR116Landscape MgmtTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR118Equip Op&MaintTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HOR120Plant Materials lTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
HOR121Plant Materials llTo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
HOR125Plant ScienceTo Present6.00No Credit0.00
HOR134Greenhouse OperatnTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR137Greenhouse MgtTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
HOR139Bedding PlantsTo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
HOR141Intro LandscapeTo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
HOR142Fruit/Vegetable PrTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HOR152Horicultural PractTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
HOR160Plant Materials lTo Present3.00HS ***3.00
HOR162Applied Plant SciTo Present3.00HS 2013.00
HOR164Hort Pest MgtTo Present3.00PP ***3.00
HOR166Landscape Mgmt 1To Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR168Plant ProagationTo Present3.00HS ***3.00
HOR170Hort Comptr AppsTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HOR200Landscape HortTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
HOR201Landscape HortTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
HOR215Irrigation DesignTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR220Comptr in HortTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HOR233Plant PropagationTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
HOR235Landscape MgmtTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
HOR237Turf MgmtTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
HOR251Insects&DiseasesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR253Hort TurfgrassTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR255InteriorscapesTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HOR260Plant Matls IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR275Hor Production MgtTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
HOR277Hor Sales/ServicesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR278Hor Bus EntrpnrshpTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HRM125Hospital EtiquetteTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
HRM130Bed and Breakfast Mgt.To Present2.00No Credit0.00
HRM210Meetings & ConventionsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HRM245Human Resource Mgmt-HospTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HUM110Technology&Soc1997/06 - Present3.00STS 2143.00
HUM115Critical ThinkingTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
HUM120Cultural Studies1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
HUM121Nature of America1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
HUM122Southern Culture1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
HUM130Myth in Hum Cult1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
HUM150Amer Women's Stds1997/06 - Present3.00WGS 2003.00
HUM160Intro to Film1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2823.00
HUM170The HolocaustTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
HUM211Humanities I1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
HUM212Humanities II1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
HUM220Hum Values&Meaning1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
HUM230Leadership DevelopTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
INS216Property&CasualtyTo 1997/065.00No Credit0.00
ISC104Operations AnalTo 1997/063.00No Credit0.00
ISC112Industrial SafetyTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ISC120Operations MgmtTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ISC121Envir Health & SafetyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ISC131Quality ManagementTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ISC202Statistical ProcesTo 1997/063.00No Credit0.00
ISC203Safety and HealthTo 1997/063.00No Credit0.00
ISC225Computer Aided MfgTo 1997/065.00No Credit0.00
ISC228Computer Aided DsnTo 1997/063.00No Credit0.00
ITA111Element. Italian I1997/06 - Present3.00FLI 1013.00
ITA112Elem. Italian II1997/06 - Present3.00FLI 1023.00
ITA211Interm. Italian I1997/06 - Present3.00FLI 2013.00
ITA212Interm. Italian II1997/06 - Present3.00FLI 2023.00
ITN120Int Internet MultiTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ITN150Internet ProtocolsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LCJ103CriminologyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX101Int ParalegalismTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX105Prtnrshp & Corp LwTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX108Admin/Govtl LawTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX110Intro to ParalegalTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
LEX113Family LawTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
LEX115Contract Law & UCCTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX117Tort LawTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX119Criminal ProcedTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX120Legal Research/WriTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX130Civil InjuriesTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
LEX131Legal WritingTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
LEX135Civil Litigation lTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
LEX136Civil Litigat llTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX140Civil Litigation ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX141Civil Litigation 2To Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX150Commercial LawTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX160Crim Law & ProcTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX180Case AnalysisTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
LEX204InvestigationTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
LEX210Real Property ITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
LEX211Real Property IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX214Property l-Real EsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
LEX215Prop ll-Title SrchTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
LEX216Prop lll-Re ClosngTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX220RemediesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX224Wills,Trusts,EstTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
LEX225Law Office MgmtTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
LEX226Consumer ProtectnTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX230SeminarTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX240Family LawTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
LEX250Wills & EstatesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX260Bankruptcy & ColleTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
LEX270Law Office Mgt/TecTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
LEX285Workers' Comp LawTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
LOG110Introduction to LogisticsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LSG111Basic Landscape TechniqueTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MAC111Machine TechTo Present6.00No Credit0.00
MAC112Machine TechTo Present6.00No Credit0.00
MAC113Machine TechTo Present6.00No Credit0.00
MAC114Intro MetrologyTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MAC121Intro to Crc1997/06 - Present2.00No Credit0.00
MAC122Crc TuringTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MAC124Crc MillingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MAC151Machining CalculatTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MAC226Crc Edm Mac HingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MAC234Die Making lTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAC241Jigs&Fixtures1997/06 - Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAC243Die MakingTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAC245Mold ConstrTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAT0091Basic Math ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAT0092Basic Math IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAT0093Basic Math IIITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAT0094Pre-AlgebraTo 1997/064.00No Credit0.00
MAT0095Algebra ITo 1997/064.00No Credit0.00
MAT0096Algebra IITo 1997/064.00No Credit0.00
MAT0097Algebra III TrigTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAT0106Edp Mat ITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT0111Basic MathematicsTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT0114Alg & Trig ITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT0150Intermed AlgebraTo 1997/065.00No Credit0.00
MAT0163College AlgebraTo 1997/065.00MA 1**3.33
MAT0185Pre-Calculus ITo 1997/065.00MA ***3.33
Prerequisite: 185 & 186 required for MA 111 equivalency
MAT0186Pre-Calculus IITo Present5.00MA ***3.33
Prerequisite: 185 & 186 required for MA 111 equivalency
MAT050Basic Math SkillsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAT060Essential MathematTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAT070Introd AlgebraTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAT080Intermed AlgebraTo 1997/054.00No Credit0.00
MAT080Intermed Algebra1997/06 - Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAT090Accelerated AlgebrTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAT091Basic Math lTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAT092Basic Math llTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAT094Pre-AlgebraTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAT095Algebra ITo 1997/084.00No Credit0.00
MAT096Algebra IITo 1997/084.00No Credit0.00
MAT097Algebra III/TrigonTo 1997/054.00No Credit0.00
MAT098Sol&DosagesTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAT101Vocational Math lTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAT102Tech Math IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT103Tech Math IIITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT106Math lTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT107Math llTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MAT108College MathTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT109College AlgebraTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT110Bus MathTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAT1101Vocational Math lTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAT111Basic MathematicsTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT112Algebra ITo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
MAT113Algebra IITo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
MAT114Algebra&TrigTo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
MAT115Math ModelsTo 1997/053.00No Credit0.00
MAT115Math Models1997/06 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
MAT116Basic Calculus ITo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
MAT120Geom & Trig1997/06 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
MAT121Algebra/Trig ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MAT122Algebra/Trignom IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MAT130GeometryTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT131Trigonometry ITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT140Survey of Math1997/06 - Present3.00MA 1033.00
MAT140ASurvey of Math LabTo Present1.00TR ***1.00
MAT143Quantitative LiteracyTo Present3.00MA 1GEP3.00
MAT150Int AlgebraTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT151Statistics I1997/06 - Present3.00ST 3113.00
MAT151AStatistics I LabTo Present1.00TR ***1.00
MAT152Statistical Methods ITo Present4.00ST 3113.00
ST 3**

MAT155Statistical Anal1997/06 - Present3.00ST 3113.00
MAT160Euclidean GeoTo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
MAT161College Algebra1997/06 - Present3.00MA 1**3.00
MAT161ACollege Algebra LbTo Present1.00MA 1**1.00
MAT162College Trigonomet1997/06 - Present3.00MA 1**3.00
MAT162ACollege Trig LabTo Present1.00MA ***1.00
MAT163College AlgebraTo 1997/065.00MA 1**3.33
MAT165Finite Mathematics1997/06 - Present3.00MA 1143.00
MAT167Cncpts of Math ITo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
MAT168Cncpts of Math IITo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
MAT170LogicTo 1997/085.00TR ***0.33
LOG 201

MAT171Precalculus Alg1997/06 - Present4.00MA 1073.00
MA 1**

MAT171APrecalc Algebra Lb1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
MAT171CPrecalculus AlgebraTo Present3.00MA 1073.00
MAT172Precalculus TrigTo 1997/054.00MA 1143.00
MA 1**

MAT172Precalculus Trig1997/06 - Present4.00TR ***1.00
MA 108

MAT172APrecalculus Trig1997/06 - Present1.00MA 1**1.00
MAT172CPrecalculus TrigonometryTo Present3.00MA 1083.00
MAT175Precalculus1997/06 - Present4.00MA 1113.00
MA 1**

MAT175APrecalculus LabTo Present1.00TR ***1.00
MAT180Statistics ITo 1997/085.00ST 3**3.33
Prerequisite: 180 & 181 required for ST 311 or ST 361 equivalency
MAT181Statistics IITo 1997/085.00ST ***3.33
Prerequisite: 180 & 181 required for ST 311 or ST 361 equivalency
MAT185Pre-Calculus ITo 1997/085.00MA 1**3.33
Prerequisite: 185 & 186 required for MA 111 equivalency
MAT186Pre-Calculus IITo 1997/085.00MA 1**3.33
Prerequisite: 185 & 186 required for MA 111 equivalency
MAT190Calculus ITo 1997/085.00MA ***3.33
CALCULUS I & II (quarter hrs) required for MA 141 and CALCULUS II & III (quarter hrs) required for MA 241 equivalency
MAT223Applied CalculusTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MAT230Basic Calculus IITo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
MAT252Statistics II1997/06 - Present3.00ST ***3.00
MAT261Linear AlgebraTo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
MAT263Brief Calculus1997/06 - Present3.00MA 1213.00
MAT263ABrief Calculus LabTo Present1.00TR ***1.00
MAT271Calculus ITo 1997/054.00MA ***3.33
MAT271Calculus I1997/06 - Present4.00MA 1414.00
MAT272Calculus IITo 1997/054.00MA ***3.33
MAT272Calculus II1997/06 - Present4.00MA 2414.00
MAT273Calculus IIITo 1997/054.00MA ***3.33
MAT273Calculus III1997/06 - Present4.00MA 2424.00
MAT274Diff EquationsTo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
MAT280Linear AlgebraTo Present3.00MA 3053.00
MAT285Differnt EquatnTo Present3.00MA 3413.00
MAT286Tech Math 4To Present3.00No Credit0.00
MAT91Math l Lev lTo 1997/065.00No Credit0.00
MAT94Pre-AlgebraTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MEC118Physical MetallurgTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MEC122Operations of CNCTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MEC130Jig & Fixture DesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MEC142Physcial MetalTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MEC198XAuto Machine ShopTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MEC198YMEC 198 LabTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MEC215Adv Machine SetupTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MEC221CNC Lathe OperatTo Present6.00No Credit0.00
MEC222CNC Milling OperatTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MEC231Diemaking ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MEC232Diemaking IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MEC235EDM MachiningTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MED0115Medicl Termnlg VocTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MED115Medcl Term & VocTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MED120Medical TerminologyTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MKT120Princ MarketingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MKT121RetailingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MKT122Visual MerchantTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MKT123Fund of SellingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MKT139MarketingTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MKT141Adv PrinciplesTo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
MKT220Adver&Sales PromoTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MKT221Consumer BehaviorTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MKT223Customer Svc.To Present3.00No Credit0.00
MKT224SalesmanshipTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MKT230Public RelationsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MUS0151Music AppreciationTo 1997/065.00MUS 2003.00
MUS 2**

MUS104Mus AppreciationTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MUS110Music Apprec.1997/06 - Present3.00MUS 2053.00
MUS112Intro. to Jazz1997/06 - Present3.00MUS 2603.00
MUS113American Music1997/06 - Present3.00MUS 2GEP3.00
MUS114Non-Western Music1997/06 - Present3.00MUS 2**3.00
MUS121Music Theory ITo Present4.00MUS ***2.00
MUS151Music AppreciationTo 1997/085.00MUS 2003.00
MUS 2**

MUS153Music Hist ITo 1997/085.00MUS ***3.33
MUS154Music Hist IITo 1997/085.00MUS ***3.33
MUS155Basic MusicianshipTo Present5.00MUS 1**3.33
MUS210History of Rock MusicTo Present3.00MUS ***3.00
MUS213Opera&Musical The1997/06 - Present3.00MUS 2**3.00
MUS221Music AppreciationTo Present5.00MUS ***3.33
MUSI210Music AppreciationTo Present3.00MUS 2003.00
NAS101NURSE AIDE ITo Present6.00No Credit0.00
NAS102NURSE AIDE IITo Present6.00No Credit0.00
NET110Data Comm/NtwrkTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NET112Secrity Fun&PoliTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NET120Netwk Install/AdmiTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NET125Routing & Switch lTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NET126Routng/Switchng llTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NET225Adv Router/Swtch lTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NET226Adv Routr/Swtch llTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NOS110Op Sys ConceptTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NOS120Linux/UNIX Sngl UsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NOS130Windows Sing UserTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NOS220Linux/Unix Admin ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NOS240Novell Admin ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NOS230Windows Admin ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NUR101Nursing Chil/AdltTo Present6.00No Credit0.00
NUR102Nursing Child/Adt2To Present6.00No Credit0.00
NUR103Nurs Chld/Adt IIITo Present6.00No Credit0.00
NUR104Nur Chld/Adt IVTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
NUR110Nursing ITo Present8.00No Credit0.00
NUR111Intro to Health ConceptsTo Present8.00No Credit0.00
NUR112Health Illness ConceptsTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
NUR114Holistic Health ConceptsTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
NUR205Nurs Chd/Adlt VTo Present6.67No Credit0.00
NUR206Nur Cld/Adt VITo Present6.67No Credit0.00
NUR207Nurs Cld/Adt VIITo Present6.67No Credit0.00
NUR208Profess DevelopTo Present1.33No Credit0.00
NUR3023Nursing Assist ITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
NUR3025Home CareTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NUT106Essent NutritionTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
NUT110NutritionTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
OMT110Intro to Operations MgmtTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
OMT112Materials ManagementTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
OSC0101Keyboarding SkillsTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
OSC101Keyboarding ITo Present1.00No Credit0.00
OSC118Word Process MicroTo Present1.00CSC ***1.00
OST080Basic KeyboardingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
OST122Office ComputationTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
OST131KeyboardingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
OST132Keybd Skill BuildTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
OST134Text Entry/FormatTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
OST136Word ProcessingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
OST137Office Software ApTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
OST141Med Term I Med OffTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
OST142Med. term IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
OST148Med Code Bill/InsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
OST149Med Legal IssuesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
OST162Executive TerminolTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
OST164Text Edit ApplTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
OST181Intro office systeTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
OST184Records mgmt.To Present2.00No Credit0.00
OST223Machine TranscriptTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
OST236Adv word/info procTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
OST247Procedure CodingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
OST248Diagnostic CodingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
OST249CPC CertificationTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
PAD151Intro Public AdminTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PAD251Public Fin/BudgetTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PAD252Public Policy AnalTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PAD253Intro Urban PlanTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PBT100CPhlebotomy TechTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
PBT100LPhlebotomy TechTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
PBT101Phlebotomy PracticTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PED0152Fitness for LifeTo 1997/062.00PE 1**1.33
PED0155Beg SwimmingTo Present2.00PE 2141.00
PE 2**

PED110Fit & Well for LifTo Present2.00PE 1011.00
PE ***

PED113Aerobics ITo Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED117Weight Training I1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2371.00
PED120Walking for FitnesTo Present1.00PE 1021.00
PED121Walk, Jog, RunTo Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED122Yoga lTo Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED123Yoga IITo Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED125Self-Defense- BegTo Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED126Self-Defense-InterTo Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED128Beg GolfTo Present1.00PE 2451.00
PED129Golf-IntermediateTo Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED130Begin TennisTo Present1.00PE 2491.00
PED132Racquetball-BegTo Present1.00PE 2561.00
PED137BadmintonTo Present1.00PE 2421.00
PED138ArcheryTo Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED139Begin BowlingTo Present1.00PE 2431.00
PED143Beg Volleyball1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2691.00
PED145Basketball-Beg1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2611.00
PED149Flag FootballTo Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED151Beginning TennisTo Present1.00PE ***0.67
PED152Beg SwimmingTo 1997/051.00PE 1**2.67
PED152Beg Swimming1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2141.00
PED153Swimming - IntermeTo Present1.00PE 2151.00
PED155Beg SwimmingTo Present2.00PE 2141.00
PE 2**

PED156Scuba DivingTo Present1.00PE 2262.00
PED158Health EducationTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
PED161Flex and StrengthTo Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED162Cardiovascular TrnTo Present1.00PE ***0.67
PED170Self-Defense Lvl 1To Present1.00PE ***0.67
PED172Outdoor LivingTo 1997/062.00PE ***0.67
PED172Outdoor Living1997/07 - Present2.00PE ***2.00
PED173Rock ClimbingTo Present1.00PE 2581.00
PED174BowlingTo Present1.00PE ***0.67
PED178Self Defense ITo Present1.00PE ***0.67
PED186Dancing FitnessTo Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED187Social Dance BeginTo Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED225KarateTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
PED259Prev&Care Ath InjuTo Present2.00TR ***2.00
PHI0151Intro to PhilosophTo 1997/065.00PHI 2053.00
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHI101Int to PhilosophyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PHI102Int to LogicTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PHI151Intro to PhilTo 1997/085.00TR ***0.33
PHI 205

PHI 2**

Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHI152Intro to LogicTo Present5.00TR ***0.33
LOG 201

PHI153Phil of ReligionTo Present5.00TR ***0.33
PHI 305

Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHI154Intro to EthicsTo 1997/085.00PHI ***2.00
PHI210Hist of Philosophy1997/06 - Present3.00PHI ***3.00
PHI215Philosoph. Issues1997/06 - Present3.00PHI 2053.00
PHI220Western Philos I1997/06 - Present3.00PHI 3003.00
PHI221Westrn. Philos. II1997/06 - Present3.00PHI 3013.00
PHI230Intro to Logic1997/06 - Present3.00PHI 2503.00
PHI240Intro. to Ethics1997/06 - Present3.00PHI 2213.00
PHI250Phil of Science1997/06 - Present3.00PHI 3403.00
PHM110Intro to PharmacyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PHM111Pharmacy Pract ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
PHM115Pharmacy CalculatiTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PHM115APhar Calc LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
PHM118Sterile ProductsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
PHM120Pharmacology ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PHM125Pharmacology IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PHM132Pharmacy ClinicalTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
PHM138Pharmacy ClinicalTo Present8.00No Credit0.00
PHM140Trends in PharmacyTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
PHO107Photography ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
PHO115Intr Photography lTo Present2.00TR ***2.00
PHS110Basic Physical SciTo Present4.00TR ***4.00
PHS151Phys Scie ITo Present6.00No Credit0.00
PHS152Physical ScienceTo Present6.00No Credit0.00
PHY0151XGen Physics ITo 1997/065.00PY 2**3.33
This is a Calculus based PHY course: PHY l & lab equal to PY 205 & 206, PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 208 & 209
PHY0151YPHY-0151 LabTo 1997/061.00PY 2**0.67
This is a Calculus based PHY course: PHY l & lab equal to PY 205 & 206, PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 208 & 209
PHY0152XGen Physics IITo 1997/065.00PY 2**3.33
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY0152YPHY-0152 LabTo 1997/061.00PY 2**0.67
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY101XProp of MatterTo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
PHY101YPhy LabTo 1997/081.00No Credit0.00
PHY102XWork,Energy,PowerTo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
PHY102YPHY LabTo 1997/081.00No Credit0.00
PHY103XWork, Energy,PowerTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PHY103YPHY 103 LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
PHY104XLight&SoundTo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
PHY104YPHY LabTo 1997/081.00No Credit0.00
PHY105XBasic Logic CirTo 1997/082.00No Credit0.00
PHY105YELN LabTo 1997/081.00No Credit0.00
PHY110Conceptual Physics1997/06 - Present3.00PY ***3.00
Prerequisite: PHY 110 & 110A required for PY 131 equivalency.
PHY110AConcp Physics L1997/06 - Present1.00PY ***1.00
Prerequisite: PHY 110 & 110A required for PY 131 equivalency.
PHY110XTopical PhyscisTo 1997/054.00PY ***2.67
PHY110YPhy-110 LabTo 1997/051.00PY ***0.67
PHY121Applied Physics ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
PHY121CApplied Physics ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PHY121LAppl Physics I LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
PHY122Applied Physics IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
PHY125Health Sciences PhysicsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
PHY130XTechnical PhysicsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PHY130YPHY Lab-130To 1997/081.00No Credit0.00
PHY131CPhysics-MechanicsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PHY131LPhysics-Mech LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
PHY131XPhysics llTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PHY131YPHY 131 LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
PHY133CPhysic-Sound&LightTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PHY133LPhysic-Sound&LightTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
PHY151Coll Physics ITo 1997/054.00PY 2**3.33
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY151Coll Physics I1997/06 - Present4.00PY 2114.00
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY151CCollege Phys I1997/06 - Present3.00PY 2**3.00
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY151LColl Phys I LabTo 1997/051.00PY 2**0.67
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY151LColl Phys I Lab1997/06 - Present1.00PY 2**1.00
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY151XGen Physics ITo 1997/085.00PY 2**3.33
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY151YGen Physics I LabTo 1997/081.00PY 2**0.67
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY152Coll Physics IITo 1997/054.00PY 2**3.33
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY152Coll Physics II1997/06 - Present4.00PY 2124.00
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY152CCollege Physics II1997/06 - Present3.00PY 2**3.00
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY152LColl Physics II LbTo 1997/051.00PY 2**0.67
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY152LColl Physics II Lb1997/06 - Present1.00PY 2**1.00
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY152XGen Phys IITo 1997/085.00PY 2**3.33
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY152X,YGen Phys II & LabTo 1997/086.00PY 2124.00
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY152YGen Phys II LabTo 1997/081.00PY 2**0.67
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY180Elem Physics ITo 1997/086.00PY ***4.00
PHY181Elem Physics IITo 1997/086.00PY ***4.00
PHY251Gen Physics I1997/06 - Present4.00PY 2061.00
PY 205

PHY251CGeneral Physics I1997/06 - Present3.00PY ***3.00
This is a Calculus based PHY course: PHY l & lab equal to PY 205 & 206, PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 208 & 209
PHY251LGen Physics I LabTo Present1.00PY ***1.00
This is a Calculus based PHY course: PHY l & lab equal to PY 205 & 206, PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 208 & 209
PHY251XCollege Physics ITo Present5.00PY ***3.33
This is a Calculus based PHY course: PHY l & lab equal to PY 205 & 206, PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 208 & 209
PHY251X,YColl Phys I & LabTo 1997/086.00PY 2061.00
PY 205

PHY251YPhy-152 LabTo Present1.00PY ***0.67
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY252Gen Physics IITo 1997/054.00PY 2091.00
PY 208

Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY252Gen Physics II1997/06 - Present4.00PY 2091.00
PY 208

Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY252CGeneral Phys. II1997/06 - Present3.00PY ***3.00
PHY252LGeneral Phys. II1997/06 - Present1.00PY ***1.00
PHY91Phy Sci Lv lTo 1997/064.00No Credit0.00
PLA241Intro Plastic MoldTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
PME101Auto EnginesTo Present7.00No Credit0.00
PME102Engine Elec SysTo Present9.00No Credit0.00
PME1101Automotive EngineTo Present7.00No Credit0.00
PME1110Automotive RepairTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
PME123XAuto Chassis/SuspTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
PME123YPME 123 LabTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PME124Power Train SysTo Present6.00No Credit0.00
PME132Auto Fuel SysTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
PME181XAuto Tune-upTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PME181YPME 181 LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
PME201Sm Equip OperTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
POL102Intrastate GovtTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
POL103National GovtTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
POL110Intro Political Sc1997/06 - Present3.00PS 2**3.00
POL120American Gov't1997/06 - Present3.00PS 2013.00
POL130State&Local Gvt1997/06 - Present3.00PS 2023.00
POL151Intro to Pol ScienTo 1997/083.00PS ***2.00
POL152American GovtTo 1997/085.00PS 2013.00
PS 2**

POL153State&Local GovtTo 1997/085.00TR ***0.33
PS 202

POL210Comp. Government1997/06 - Present3.00PS 2413.00
POL220Internat. Relation1997/06 - Present3.00PS 2313.00
POL221American GovTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
POL230Political Ideologs1997/06 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
POL241Comparative Govm'tTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
POL251Comparative GovtTo Present5.00TR ***0.33
PS 241

POL252International PolTo Present5.00TR ***0.33
PS 231

PSY0151Gen PsychologyTo 1997/065.00PSY 2003.00
PSY 2**

PSY0252Human Grwth&DevlpTo 1997/055.00PSY ***3.33
PSY101Int PsychologyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PSY110Life Span DevelTo 1997/073.00No Credit0.00
PSY110Life Span Devel1997/08 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
PSY118Interpersonal PsycTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PSY121General PsychTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
PSY141Psyc Death&DyingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PSY150General Psychology1997/06 - Present3.00PSY 2003.00
PSY151Gen PsychTo 1997/085.00PSY 2003.00
PSY 2**

PSY152Hm Learning&MemTo 1997/085.00PSY ***3.33
PSY153Psy of Pers AdjTo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
PSY154Gen. PsychologyTo 1997/053.00TR ***0.33
EDP 304

PSY154Gen. Psychology1997/06 - Present3.00PSY 2003.00
PSY155Social PsychologyTo 1997/085.00PSY ***3.33
PSY202Hum Gro/DevTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PSY204Behavior DisordersTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PSY206Applied PsychologyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PSY215Positive PsychTo Present3.00PSY ***3.00
PSY237Social Psychology1997/06 - Present3.00PSY 3113.00
PSY239Psych of Personal1997/06 - Present3.00PSY ***3.00
PSY241Develop Psych1997/06 - Present3.00PSY 3763.00
PSY251Stress MgtTo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
PSY252Hm Grwth&DevTo 1997/085.00PSY ***3.33
PSY253Abnormal PsyTo 1997/085.00PSY ***3.33
PSY254Grief PsychologyTo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
PSY255Intro to ExcptnltyTo 1997/053.00No Credit0.00
PSY255Intro to Excptnlty1997/06 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
PSY263Educational PsyTo Present3.00EDP 3043.00
PSY265Behav ModificationTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PSY271Sports Psychology1997/09 - Present3.00PSY ***3.00
PSY275Health PsychologyTo Present3.00PSY ***3.00
PSY281Abnormal Psychol1997/06 - Present3.00PSY ***3.00
PSY91Phy Sci Lv lTo 1997/064.00No Credit0.00
PSY259Human SexualityTo Present3.00PSY ***3.00
PSY1101Psych of Formal/Informal OrgTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PTH101Intro Physical TheTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
PTH102Physical Therapy lTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
PTH103Physic Therapy llTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
PTH112Topic Anat for PtaTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PTH114Therapeutic ExercTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
PTH201Path/Phys PT AssisTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
PTH203Physical TherapyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PTH204Physic Therapy ProTo Present6.00No Credit0.00
PTH205Physical Therapy VTo Present7.00No Credit0.00
PTH210Psych of AdjustmntTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PTH215Community Hlth/WlfTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PTH218Clinical EducationTo Present14.00No Credit0.00
PTH220Physical TherapyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PYS0151Phy Science ITo 1997/066.00No Credit0.00
RAD110CRad Intro Pat CareTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
RAD110LRad Intro Care LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
RAD111RAD ProcedureTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
RAD151RAD Clinical EdTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
REC126Outdoor RecreationTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
REC127Team Sprts/GamesTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
REC129Fitness ManagmentTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
REC138Golf/TennisTo 1997/083.00PE ***2.00
REC216Rec Arts & CraftsTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
RED0080Appl Reading SklsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
RED0094Prescritive ReadTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
RED0095Vocab&Reading ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
RED0096Vocab&Reading IITo 1997/064.00No Credit0.00
RED070Essent Read SkillsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
RED080Intro Coll ReadingTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
RED090Improved Coll ReadTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
RED095Vocab & Read ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
RED096Vocab & Read IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
REL110World Religions1997/06 - Present3.00REL 3003.00
REL111Eastern Religions1997/06 - Present3.00REL 3**3.00
REL112Western Religions1997/06 - Present3.00REL 3**3.00
REL151Old Testament SurTo 1997/085.00REL 3113.00
REL 3**

REL152New Testament SurTo 1997/085.00REL 3123.00
REL 3**

REL211Intro. to Old Test1997/06 - Present3.00REL 3113.00
REL212Intro New Testmnt1997/06 - Present3.00REL 3123.00
REL221Religion in Amer.1997/06 - Present3.00REL 3203.00
REL222Survey New TestTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
RLS0164Real Estate LawTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
RLS0209RE FinanceTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
RLS0285Fund SalesmanTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
RLS0286Prin-BrokerTo Present7.00No Credit0.00
RLS101Real Estate MathTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
RLS103Real Est FundTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
RLS112Real Estate FundamentalsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
RUS111Elemen. Russian I1997/06 - Present3.00FLR 1013.00
RUS112Elem. Russian II1997/06 - Present3.00FLR 1023.00
RUS211Interm. Russian I1997/06 - Present3.00FLR 2013.00
RUS212Interm. Russian II1997/06 - Present3.00FLR 2023.00
SAF101First Aid & SafetyTo Present4.00PE ***2.67
SEC110Security ConceptsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD111Intro to SGDTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD112SGD DesignTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD113SGD ProgrammingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD114Modeling 3DTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD158SGD Business ManagementTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD172Virtual SG EnvironmentTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD174SG Level DesignTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD212SGD Design IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD2143D ModelingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD274SG Level Design IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD289SGD ProjectTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SLP111Int to Sp-Lan PathTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SLP112SLP Anat & PhysTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SLP120SLP Adm Off ProcTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
SLP130Phontcs/Spch PatrnTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SLP140Normal CommunctnTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SLP211Disorders/Trmnt lTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
SLP212Disordrs/Trtmnt llTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
SLP220Assistive TechnolTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
SLP230SLP FieldworkTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
SLP231SLP Fldwrk SemTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SOC0121General SociologyTo 1997/055.00SOC ***3.33
SOC0151General SociologyTo 1997/065.00SOC 2023.00
SOC 2**

SOC0152Marriage & FamilyTo 1997/065.00SOC 2043.00
SOC 2**

SOC0253Death And DyingTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
SOC101Intro SociologyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SOC102Marriage/FamilyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SOC121Gen SociologyTo 1997/065.00SOC 2023.00
SOC ***

SOC151Gen SociologyTo 1997/085.00SOC 2023.00
SOC 2**

SOC152Marriage & FamilyTo 1997/085.00SOC 2043.00
SOC 2**

SOC153Social ProblemsTo 1997/085.00SOC 2033.00
SOC 2**

SOC154Soc of EducationTo 1997/085.00SOC ***3.33
SOC155Soc of ReligionTo 1997/083.00SOC ***2.00
SOC203Soc DeathTo Present3.00SOC 2**2.00
SOC210Intro to Sociology1997/06 - Present3.00SOC 2023.00
SOC213Soc. of the Family1997/06 - Present3.00SOC 2043.00
SOC220Social Problems1997/06 - Present3.00SOC 2033.00
SOC225Social Diversity1997/06 - Present3.00SOC ***3.00
SOC230Race/Ethic RelatnsTo Present3.00SOC 3053.00
SOC240Social Psychology1997/06 - Present3.00SOC 3013.00
SOC242Sociology of DevianceTo Present3.00SOC 2063.00
SOC250Sociology of ReligionTo Present3.00SOC 2**3.00
SOC251Social CultureTo 1997/085.00SOC 2**3.33
SOC252Soc of GerontologyTo 1997/083.00SOC ***2.00
SOC253Death&DyingTo 1997/085.00SOC 2**3.33
SPA0151Elem Spanish ITo 1997/065.00TR ***0.33
FLS 101

SPA0152Elem Spanish IITo Present5.00FLS 1023.00
SPA111Elem. Spanish I1997/06 - Present3.00FLS 1013.00
SPA112Elem. Spanish II1997/06 - Present3.00FLS 1023.00
SPA141Culture&Civil1997/06 - Present3.00FLS 3163.00
SPA151Hispanic LitTo 1997/053.00FLS 1013.00
FLS 1**

SPA151Hispanic Lit1997/06 - Present3.00FLS 3003.00
SPA152Elem Spanish IITo Present5.00TR ***0.33
FLS 102

SPA181Spanish LabTo Present1.00FLS 1**1.00
SPA211Intermed Spanish I1997/06 - Present3.00FLS 2013.00
SPA212Inter. Spanish II1997/06 - Present3.00FLS 2023.00
SPA221Elem Span ITo Present6.00No Credit0.00
SPA251Interm Span ITo Present5.00TR ***0.33
FLS 201

SPA252Interm Span IITo Present5.00TR ***0.33
FLS 202

SPA260Span Bus LangTo Present5.00TR ***0.33
FLS 307

SPA262Spanish CiviTo 1997/085.00FLS ***3.33
SPA281Spanish Lab 3To Present1.00FLS ***1.00
SPA282Spanish Lab 4To Present1.00FLS 2**1.00
SRV101Surveying ITo 1997/084.00No Credit0.00
SRV110Surveying lTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
SRV111Surveying IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
SRV230Subdivision Plan1997/06 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
SRV220Surveying LawTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SRV240Topo/Site Survey1997/06 - Present4.00No Credit0.00
SSC205Amer InstsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SUR110Intro Surg TechTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SUR111Periop Patnt CareTo Present7.00No Credit0.00
SUR122Surgical ProcedurTo Present6.00No Credit0.00
SUR123Sur Clin Pract ITo Present7.00No Credit0.00
SUR134Surg Proc IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
SUR135Sur Clin Pract IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
SUR137Prof Success PrepTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
SUS108Dict TransTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
WBL111Work-Based Learning ITo Present1.00No Credit0.00
WBL121Work-Based Learning IITo Present1.00No Credit0.00
WEB110Internet/Web FundTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
WEB111Intro to Web GraphicsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
WEB115Web Markup/ScriptTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
WEB120Intro Internet MulTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
WEB125Mobile Web DesignTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
WEB182PHP ProgrammingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
WEB183Perl ProgrammingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
WEB210Web DesignTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
WEB214Social MediaTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
WEB285Emerging Web TechnologiesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
WLD105Auto Body WeldingTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
WLD106Techniques of WeldTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
WLD110Cutting ProcessTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
WLD1105Auto Body WeldingTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
WLD112Bas Welding ProcTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
WLD1121Shield Metal ArcTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
WLD115Smaw (stick) PlateTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
WLD116Smaw Plate/PipeTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
WLD1180Basic WeldingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
WLD121Gmaw (mig) FcawTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
WLD131Gtaw (tig) PlateTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
WLD141Symbols & SpecsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
WLD143Welding MetallurgyTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
WLD180Basic WeldingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
WLD261Cert PracticesTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
WLD262Inspect & TestingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00

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