NC STATE Undergraduate Admissions

NC STATE Transfer Course List

Centrl Piedmont Cmty Coll
Charlotte, NC 28235

All Departments


Courses found on this list are considered to be college level for admissions purposes. Their applicability to a specific degree program varies by department. The course equivalencies on this list are for information purposes only and subject to change due to revisions in course offerings at Centrl Piedmont Cmty Coll and at NC STATE.

Course Title
Credit Hours
Credit Hours
ABE6001Adult Basic EducTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
ABL6013Adult Basic LiteraTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
ACA111CollgStudntSuccessTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ACA118College Study SkilTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ACA120Career AssessmentTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ACA121Managing a TeamTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ACA122Coll Trans SuccessTo Present1.00TR ***1.00
ACA8200Prep for SAT lTo Present1.40No Credit0.00
ACC110Ten-Key SkillsTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ACC115College AccountingTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ACC120Prin of Acct I1997/06 - Present4.00ACC 2103.00
ACC 2**

ACC121Prin of Acct II1997/06 - Present4.00ACC 2003.00
ACC 2**

ACC129Individual Income TaxesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ACC140Payroll AccountTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ACC149Intro Acc SpreadshTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ACC150Computr Gen LedgerTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ACC1604Prin of Acc ITo Present6.00ACC 2103.00
ACC 2**

ACC2626Interm Acct ITo Present6.00No Credit0.00
ACC2627Interm Acct IITo Present6.00No Credit0.00
ACC270Intl AcctTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ACC3500Sm Business AcctTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ACC3600General AcctTo Present6.00No Credit0.00
ACC4308Int'l AccountingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ACC4404AuditingTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ACC4414Microcmpt Gen LedgTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ACC4415Microcmpt SpreadshTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ACC4425Txs-Bus&FiduciaryTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ACC4434Txs-IndividualTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ACC4444Cost AccountingTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ACC4447Adv AccountingTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ACC5404Acct Pract I-AIBTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ACC5405Acct Pract II-AIBTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ADV1300Photography AdvertTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ADV3401Illustrations ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ADV3404Illustration IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ADV3414Computer Assist DesignTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ADV4414Advertising ProductTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ADV4415Advertising Production IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ADV4416Advertising Production IIITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ADV4424Advertising Studio ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ADV4425Advertis Studio IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ADV4426Advertising Studio IIITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ADV4427Advertising Studio IVTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ADV4436Advertising ThesisTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ADV4454Typogrsphy LetterTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ADV4455Typography/ Lettering IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AHR110Intro RefrigeratnTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
AHR180H/Acr Custr ReltnTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
AHR211Resdntl Sys DsgnTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AHR4304Intro PsychometricTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AHR5301Intro Autom ContrTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AHR5321Comm Refrig InstalTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AHR5323Oil BurnersTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AHR5324Env Cont Bluept ReTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AHR5331Air Cond/ResidTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AHR5341Gas HeatTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AHR5394Mech CodesTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AHR5411Refrig TheoryTo Present2.67No Credit0.00
AHR5444All Weather SysTo Present2.67No Credit0.00
ALT120Renewable Energy TechTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ANT1502Gen AnthropologyTo Present5.00ANT 2**3.33
ANT210Gen Anthropology1997/06 - Present3.00ANT 2**3.00
ANT220Cultural Anthrop.1997/06 - Present3.00ANT 2523.00
ANT221Comparative Cultr1997/06 - Present3.00ANT 2**3.00
ANT230Physical Anthrop.1997/06 - Present3.00ANT 2513.00
ANT230APhys Anthrop L1997/06 - Present1.00ANT ***1.00
ANT240Archaeology1997/06 - Present3.00ANT 2533.00
ANT245World PrehistoryTo Present3.00ANT ***3.00
ARC111Intro Arch TechTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC112Constr Matls&MethTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ARC113Resid Arch TechTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC114Architectural CADTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ARC120Interior Des ResidTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC131Building CodesTo Present1.50No Credit0.00
ARC132Specific&ContractsTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ARC133Cons Doc AnalsTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ARC141Elementary Structures for ArchTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ARC160Residential DesignTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC192Select Topic ArchTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ARC211Light ConstructTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC212Comm ConstrTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC213Design ProjectTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ARC220Advn Architect CADTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ARC221Architec 3-D AutoCTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC225Architectural BIM ITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ARC230Environmental SystTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ARC231Arch PresentationsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ARC240Site PlanningTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC250Sur of ArchTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC3100OrientationTo 1997/081.00No Credit0.00
ARC3200Intro to ArchitectureTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ARC3212Hme Cnst Cost EstTo 1997/082.00No Credit0.00
ARC3303Inter Desgn DraftTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC3304Inter Dsgn Dft IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC3314Arch Comp DftgTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC3315Arch Comp Drftg IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC3316Arch Comp DraftingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC3319Advanced Autocad SystemTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC3320Intro ArchitectureTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC3326Resident DesgnTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC3334Arch Drft ITo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
ARC3335Residential DrawTo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
ARC3336Arch Draft III - CommercialTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC4200Arch Blueprint RdTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ARC4202Arch Specifications DevTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ARC4284Coop Work Experience ITo Present0.00No Credit0.00
ARC4300Arch Mech EquipmentTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC4310Energy Eff & Solar Home DesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC4337Arch Draft IV: CommericalTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC4338Arcg Draft V-Mech/Ele/PluTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC4339Arch Dft VI StructTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ARC440Arch Drft VII:Wk DrawingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ART111Art Appreciation1997/06 - Present3.00HUM 2GEP3.00
ART114Art History I1997/06 - Present3.00HA 2013.00
ART115Art History II1997/06 - Present3.00HA 2023.00
ART116Survey of Am. Art1997/06 - Present3.00HA 2033.00
ART117Non-West Art Hist1997/06 - Present3.00HA ***3.00
ART1200Fiber DyesTo Present2.00TR ***1.33
ART121Design I1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART122Design II1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART1230Portrait PhotoTo Present2.00TR ***1.33
ART1300Intro to Art ITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1301Intro to Art IITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1304Printmaking ITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1305Printmaking IITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1307Basic PhotographyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ART131Drawing I1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART1310History of Art ITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1311History of Art IITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1312History of Art IIITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1314Basic WoodworkTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ART132Drawing II1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART1323Basic WoodcarvingTo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1327Sculpture ITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1328Sculpture IITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1329Sculpture IIITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1331Cartooning&CaricTo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1332Photo-NatureTo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1333Stained GlassTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ART1334Painting ITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1335Painting IITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1336Painting IIITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1337Portrait Pntng ITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1338Portrait Pntng IITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1339Portrait Pntng IIITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1340Stained Glass ITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1341Stained Glass IITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1344Weaving ITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1345Weaving IITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1346Weaving IIITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1347Weaving IVTo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1348Watercolor ITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1349Watercolor IITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART135Figure Drawing I1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART1356Furniture Des ITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1357Furniture Des IITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1358Furniture Des IIITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1360RakuTo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1364Ceramics ITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1365Ceramics IITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1366Ceramics IIITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1374Jewelry ITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1375Jewelry IITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1376Jewelry IIITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1384Basic Camera TechTo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1385Photo Lab Proc ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ART1386Photo Lab Proc IITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1389Color Printing ITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1390Color Printing IITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1392Adv Camera TechTo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART1404Gen Drawing ITo Present4.00TR ***2.67
ART1405Gen Drawing IITo Present4.00TR ***2.67
ART1406Gen Drawing IIITo Present4.00TR ***2.67
ART1407Figure DrawingTo Present4.00TR ***2.67
ART1424Design ITo Present4.00TR ***2.67
ART1425Design IITo Present4.00TR ***2.67
ART1426Design IIITo Present4.00TR ***2.67
ART1434AirbrushTo Present4.00TR ***2.67
ART171Computer Art I1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART2101Special Topics ITo Present1.00TR ***0.67
ART2201Special Topics IITo Present2.00TR ***1.33
ART222Wood Design I1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART2302Special Topics IIITo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART231Printmaking I1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART232Printmaking IITo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART2322Surface Design-TexTo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ART235Figure Drawing II1997/06 - Present3.00ADN 2813.00
ART240Painting I1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART241Painting IITo Present3.00ADN ***3.00
ART244WatercolorTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART245Metals I1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART247Jewelry I1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART248Jewelry IITo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART250Surface Des:Textls1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART251Weaving I1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART260Photo ApprecTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART261Photography I1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART262Photography IITo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART264Digital PhotographTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ART265Digital Photography IITo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART266Videography I1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART267Videography IITo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART281Sculpture I1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART282Sculpture IITo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART283Ceramics I1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART284Ceramics IITo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART285Ceramics IIITo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART288Painting StudioTo Present3.00ADN ***3.00
ART289Museum StudyTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
ART4201Coml Art OrienTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ART2304Special TopicsTo Present3.00TR ***2.00
ASL111Elementary ASL2005/01 - Present3.00ECI ***3.00
ASL112Elem Asl l2005/01 - Present3.00ECI ***3.00
ASL181Elem ASL Lab2005/01 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
ASL182Elem ASL Lab2005/01 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
ASL211Intermediate ASL ITo Present3.00FL 2**3.00
ASL281ASL Lab 3To Present1.00TR ***1.00
AST111Descript. Astrom.1997/06 - Present3.00PY 1233.00
PY 124

AST111ADesc. Astrom. Lab.1997/06 - Present1.00PY 1251.00
AST151Gen. Astronomy I1997/06 - Present3.00PY 1233.00
AST151AGen. Astron.I Lab1997/06 - Present1.00PY 1251.00
AST152Gen. Astronomy II1997/06 - Present3.00PY 1243.00
AST152AGn. Astron. Lab II1997/06 - Present1.00PY 1251.00
ATR112Intro AutomationTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUB111Paint & Ref lTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUB112Paing and ref IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUB114Special finishesTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AUB134Autobody MIG WeldingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUB5201Trim & GlassTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AUB5202Auto RenewalTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AUB5223Fiberglass&Met FilTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AUB5224Panel InstallationTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AUB5233Lacquer PaintingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AUB5234Enamel PaintingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AUB5412Frme&Unit Auto BdyTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUB5413Paint Equip&PrepTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUB5421Metal Fin&Plast FiTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUB5431Paint Equipment&PrTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUT110Intro Auto TechTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT113Automotive Servicing ITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AUT115Eng fundTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT116Engine RepairsTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AUT116AEngine Repair LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
AUT141Susp/Steering SysTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUT141ASuspension & Steering LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
AUT151Brake SystemsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT151ABrakes Systems LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
AUT161Electrical SystemsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUT1612Elect SystemTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AUT1613Electrical SystemsTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AUT162Chassis Ele/ElectrTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT163Adv Auto ElectricityTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT164Automot ElectrncsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT171Heat/Air ConditionTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT181Eng Perform-ElecTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT183Engine Perf-FuelsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT186Automotive ComputeTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AUT221Aut. TransmissionTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUT222Adv Auto Drive TrnTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT231Man Drive Trns/AxlTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT281Adv Eng PerformancTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT5311Brake SystemsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
AUT5401Internal Comb EngTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
AUT5404Steering/SuspensioTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUT5405Basic Auto Fuel SyTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUT5415Electrical SystemTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
AUX8825Veh Sfty/Emis CntlTo Present0.80No Credit0.00
AUX8826Veh Sfty/Emis CntlTo Present0.80No Credit0.00
AVN8950Private Pilot GrndTo Present3.30No Credit0.00
AVO8545Arts & Crfts KidsTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
AVO8573Flower ArrangingTo Present2.40No Credit0.00
AVO8600Stained GlassTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BIO110Prin of Biology1997/06 - Present4.00BIO 1053.00
BIO 1**

BIO111Gen Biology I1997/06 - Present4.00BIO 1834.00
BIO112Gen Biology II1997/06 - Present4.00BIO 1814.00
BIO120Gen Botany1997/06 - Present4.00PB 2004.00
BIO130Intro Zoology1997/06 - Present4.00BIO 1411.00
BIO 140

BIO140Environmental Bio1997/06 - Present3.00ES ***3.00
BIO140AEnvironmental Bio1997/06 - Present1.00BIO ***1.00
BIO140TBiology III Lab1997/06 - Present1.00BIO ***1.00
BIO1500Biological ScienceTo Present5.00BIO 1**3.33
Prerequisite BIO l & l Lab required for BIO 183 equivalency and BIO ll & Lab required for BIO 181 equivalency.
BIO1501General BotanyTo Present5.00PB 1**3.33
BIO1502General ZoologyTo Present5.00BIO 2**3.33
Prerequisite BIO l & l Lab required for BIO 183 equivalency and BIO ll & Lab required for BIO 181 equivalency.
BIO1503MIcrobiologyTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
BIO1504H. Anat&Physio ITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
BIO1505H. Anat&Physio IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
BIO1506PathophysiologyTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
BIO155NutritionTo Present3.00NTR 3013.00
BIO161Intro Human BiolTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BIO163Basic Anatomy PhysTo 1997/055.00TR ***1.00
BIO163Basic Anatomy Phys1997/08 - Present5.00BIO 2124.00
BIO 2**

BIO165Anatomy&Phys I1997/06 - Present4.00BIO 2**4.00
BIO166Anatomy&Phys II1997/06 - Present4.00BIO 2**4.00
BIO168Anatomy&Phys I1997/06 - 2017/084.00BIO 2124.00
BIO168Anatomy&Phys I2017/08 - Present4.00BIO 2404.00
BIO169Anatomy&Phys II1997/06 - 2017/084.00BIO 2**4.00
BIO169Anatomy&Phys II2017/08 - Present4.00BIO 2454.00
BIO175Gen MIcrobiology1997/06 - Present3.00MB ***3.00
BIO2300GeneticsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BIO2304Human NutritionTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BIO2308Nut & the Yound ChTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BIO2500Intro to EntomolTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
BIO2501OrnithologyTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
BIO2502Marine BiologyTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
BIO275MIcrobiology1997/06 - Present4.00MB 3521.00
MB 351

BIO3404Cardio-Pulm- A&PTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
BIO3500Basic HealthTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
BIO111CGen Biology ITo Present3.00BIO 1834.00

Gen Biology I Lab

To Present

BIO112CGen Biology IITo Present3.00BIO 1814.00

General Bio II Lab

To Present

BPR130Blueprnt Rdng ConsTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
BPR130RBlueprint Rd ConstTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
BTO1501General BotanyTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
BUS110Intro to BusinessTo Present3.00MIE 2013.00
BUS115Business LawTo Present3.00BUS 3053.00
BUS116Business Law IITo Present3.00BUS ***3.00
BUS121Business MathTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS125Personal FinanceTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS135Prin SupervisionTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS137Princ ManagementTo Present3.00BUS ***3.00
BUS139Entrepreneurship ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS1400Intro BusinessTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
BUS1500Intro to BusinessTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
BUS153Human Resourc MgtTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS220Purchasing1997/06 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS225Business FinanceTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS228Business StatsTo Present3.00ST 3113.00
BUS230Small Busin MgmtTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS2304Business Law ITo Present3.00BUS ***2.00
Prerequisite: 2304 & 2305 required for BUS 305 equivalency
BUS2305Business Law IITo Present3.00BUS ***2.00
Prerequisite: 2304 & 2305 required for BUS 305 equivalency Prerequisite: 2305 & 2306 required for BUS 407 equivalency
BUS2306Business Law IIITo Present3.00BUS ***2.00
Prerequisite: 2305 & 2306 required for BUS 407 equivalency
BUS255Org Behavior in Bu1997/08 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS3300Human RelationsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS3304Bus Statistics ITo Present3.00ST 3113.00
BUS3305Human Relations IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
BUS7116Notary Public lTo Present0.40No Credit0.00
CAR110Intro CarpentryTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CAR114Resid Bldg CodesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CCT110Intro to Cyber CrimeTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CEO121Co-Op Work ExperTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CET111Comp Upgrd/Repr lTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CET125Voice&Data CablingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CET211Cmptr Upgrade/RepTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CHEM115AConcept Chem LabTo Present1.00CH ***1.00
CHI111Elem Chinese lTo Present3.00FLC 1013.00
CHI112Elem Chinese llTo Present3.00FLC 1023.00
CHI181Chinese Lab lTo Present1.00TR ***1.00
CHI182Chinese Lab llTo Present1.00TR ***1.00
CHI211Intermd Chinese lTo Present3.00FLC 2013.00
CHI212Intermd Chinese llTo Present3.00FLC 2023.00
CHM090Chem ConceptsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
CHM115Conc in ChemistryTo Present3.00CH 1013.00
CHM115AConc in Chem LabTo Present1.00CH ***1.00
CHM115LConc in Chem LabTo Present1.00CH ***1.00
CHM121Gen Chem ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CHM121AFound of Chem LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CHM121LGen Chem LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CHM130Gen Org&Biochem1997/06 - Present3.00CH 1**3.00
CHM130AGen Org&Biochem1997/06 - Present1.00CH ***1.00
CHM131Intro to Chemistry1997/06 - Present3.00CH 1013.00
CHM131AIntro to Chem Lab1997/06 - Present1.00CH 1021.00
CHM132Organic&Biochem1997/06 - Present4.00CH 2204.00
CHM135Survey of Chem I1997/06 - Present4.00CH 1013.00
CH 1**

CHM136Survey of Chem II1997/06 - Present4.00CH 2013.00
CH 2**

CHM1500Introductory ChemTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CHM1501Chem-Hlth Prof ITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CHM1502Chem-Hlth Prof IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CHM1504Gen Chem ITo Present5.00CH 1**3.33
Prerequisite: Gen Chem 1 (Qtr hr) & Lab (Qtr hr) and Gen Chem 2 (Qtr hr) & Lab (Qtr hr) required for CH 101& CH 102 equivalency
CHM1505Gen Chem IITo Present5.00CH 1**3.33
Prerequisite: Gen Chem 1 (Qtr hr) & Lab (Qtr hr) and Gen Chem 2 (Qtr hr) & Lab (Qtr hr) required for CH 101& CH 102 equivalency
CHM1506Gen Chem IIITo Present5.00CH 1**3.33
Prerequisite: Gen Chem 2 (Qtr hr) & Lab (Qtr hr) and Gen Chem 3 (Qtr hr) & Lab (Qtr hr) required for CH 201& CH 202 equivalency
CHM151Gen Chemistry I1997/06 - Present4.00CH 1021.00
CH 101

CHM151TGen Chem ITo Present3.00CH 1013.00
CHM152Gen Chemistry II1997/06 - Present4.00CH 2021.00
CH 201

CHM152CTChemistry III1997/06 - Present3.00CH 1**3.00
CHM152TChemistry III1997/06 - Present3.00CH 1**3.00
CHM2414Intro Organic ChemTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
CHM251Organic Chem I1997/06 - Present4.00CH 2221.00
CH 221

CHM252Organic Chem II1997/06 - Present4.00CH 2241.00
CH 223

CHM2604Quant Chem AnalTo Present6.00No Credit0.00
CHM2614Organic Chem ITo Present6.00CH 2213.00
CHM2615Organic Chem IITo Present6.00CH 2233.00
CHM3501Respiratory CareTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CHM3502Dental Hygiene CheTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CHM9500Fund of ChemTo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
CIS070Computing FundTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CIS110Intro to Computers1997/06 - Present3.00CSC 2003.00
CIS111Basic PC Literacy1997/06 - Present2.00No Credit0.00
CIS112WindowsTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CIS115Intro Prog&Logic1997/06 - Present3.00CSC ***3.00
CIS116Intro PC Appl DevTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS121User Support SoftwTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS130Survey of Oper SysTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS147Oper Sys WindowsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS152Database Con & AppTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS163Prog Interfac InteTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS172Intro to InternetTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS173Network TheoryTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS174Network Sys ManageTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS175Network Mgmt ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS191Select Top ComputTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CIS215Hdware Inst & MainTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS219Adv PC App DevTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS245Oper Sys-Multi UseTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS246Operating Sys UnixTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS274Network Sys ManageTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS275Network Mgmt IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS286Systm Analy&DesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIS287Network SupportTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIV110Statics/StrengthTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
CIV125Civil Surv CadTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIV220Basic Struct ConcpTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CIV3101Civil Engr Tech SeTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CIV3306Const Mat/MethodsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIV3317Civil DraftingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIV3407Surveying ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
CIV3414Statics/Strgth MatTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
CIV3415Statics/StrngthTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
CIV3504Surveying ITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CIV3514StaticsTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CIV3524Strength of MaterialsTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CIV4300Codes & ContractsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIV4302Plain Con & AsphaTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIV4305Construct EstimateTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIV4307Const Proj ManageTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIV4314Constr SurveyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIV4315Subdiv Plan/DesignTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CIV4319Soils TechnologyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIV4320HydraulicsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CIV4407Surveying IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
CIV4408Surv III/Bound SurTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
CIV4425Structures ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
CIV4426Structures IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
CIV4427Steel Design/ConstructionTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
CIX7006Carpentry IITo Present11.20No Credit0.00
CJC111Intro to Crim Just1997/06 - Present3.00SOC ***3.00
CJC112CriminologyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC113Juvenile JusticeTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC114Investigat PhotoTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CJC120Intrview/IntrrogtnTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CJC121Law Enforcement1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
CJC122Community PolicingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC131Criminal LawTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC132Court Proced EvidTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC141Corrections1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
CJC151Intro Loss PreventTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC170Critical Incident Mgmt pubTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC212EthicsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC213Substance AbuseTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC214VictimologyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC215Organ & AdminTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC221Investigative PrnpTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
CJC222CriminalisticsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC223Organized CrimeTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC231ConstitutionalTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC232Civil LiabiltyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC233Correctional LawTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CJC241Com Based CorrTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CMT210Prof Constr SupervTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
COE110World of WorkTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
COE111Co-op Work ExperTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
COE111GCo Op Work Exp 1To Present1.00No Credit0.00
COE112Co-op Work ExperTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
COE112HCoop EduTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
COE112LCo-op ITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
COE112RCo-op ITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
COE115Work Exper SemTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
COE121Co-Op Work ExperTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
COE122Co-op IITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
COE122LCo-op IITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
COE125Work ExperienceTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
COE132Co-op IIITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
COE132RCo-op IIITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
COE212RCo-op IVTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
COE221Cooperative WorkTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
COM110Intro to Comm1997/06 - Present3.00COM ***3.00
COM111Voice & DictionTo Present3.00COM ***3.00
COM120Interpersonal Comm1997/06 - Present3.00COM 1123.00
COM130Nonverbal Comm1997/06 - Present3.00COM ***3.00
COM1304Intr to Communic1969/08 - 1997/083.00ENG 1**2.00
COM1305Eng Comp II1969/08 - 1997/073.00COM 1**2.00
Prerequisite: 3 (2 hr) ENG level 1 Courses required for ENG 101 equivalency
COM1306Engl Comp IIITo Present3.00ENG 1**2.00
Prerequisite: 3 (2 hr) ENG level 1 Courses required for ENG 101 equivalency
COM1314Intro to CommTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
COM140Intercultural Comm1997/06 - Present3.00COM 3323.00
COM150Intro Mass CommTo Present3.00COM ***3.00
COM231Public Speaking1997/06 - Present3.00COM 1103.00
COM233Persuasive Spking1997/06 - Present3.00COM 1103.00
COM251Debate I1997/06 - Present3.00COM ***3.00
COM252Debate II1997/06 - Present3.00COM 2113.00
COM3305Communications IITo Present3.00COM 2**3.00
COM3306Communications lllTo Present3.00COM 3**3.00
CSC120Computing Fund I1997/06 - Present4.00CSC 2003.00
CSC ***

CSC130Computing Fund II1997/06 - Present3.00CSC ***3.00
CSC133C ProgrammingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC134C++ Programming1997/06 - Present3.00CSC 1143.00
CSC135Cobol ProgrammingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC136FORTRAN Prog1997/06 - Present3.00CSC 1123.00
CSC139Visual Basic ProgTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
CSC141Visual C++ ProgramTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC143Object Orient ProgTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC148Java ProgrammingTo Present3.00CSC 1163.00
CSC151Java ProgrammingTo Present3.00CSC 1163.00
CSC153C # ProgrammingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC160Intro Inrnet PgmTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC175PHP Prog w/MYSQLTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC196FSeminar in Computer ScienceTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CSC196SSeminar in Computer ScienceTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CSC220Mach. Implent Algo1997/06 - Present3.00CSC ***3.00
CSC234Advanced C++To Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC235Advanced CobolTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC239Advan Visual BasicTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
CSC251Adv JAVA ProgTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC258JAVA Entrprse ProgTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CSC289Prog Capstone ProjTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CTI110Web, PGM, & Db FoundationTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CTI120NETWORK & SEC FONDATIONTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CTI130OS and Device FoundationTo Present6.00No Credit0.00
CTS112WindowsTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CTS115Info Sys Bus CnptTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CTS196Seminar Comp InfoTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CUL110SanitationTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CUL112Nutri for FoodsvcTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CUL120PurchasingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CUL120APurchasing LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CUL130Menu DesignTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CUL135Food & Bev ServTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CUL135AFood & Bev Serv LaTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CUL140Bas Culinary SkillTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CUL150Food ScienceTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CUL160Baking ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CUL160ABaking I LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CUL170Garde Manger ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CUL170AGarde Manger I LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CUL180Inter & Amer CuisiTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CUL214Wine AppreciationTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
CUL240Adv Culinary SklsTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
CUL260Baking IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CUL260ABaking II labTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CUL270Garde Manger IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
CUL270AGarde Manger II laTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
CUL275Catering CuisineTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
CUL280Pastry & ConfecTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DAN110Dance Appreciation1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
DAN1183Intro to Mod DanceTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DAN1193Intro to BalletTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DAN1194Ballet ITo Present1.00TR ***1.00
DAN1195Ballet IITo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DAN128Dance Sources I1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
DAN129Dance Sources II1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
DAN130Ballet ITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DAN131Ballet IITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DAN132Intermed Ballet ITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DAN133Intermed Ballet IITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DAN134Ballet Pointe WorkTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DAN1384Dance History lTo Present3.00TR ***2.00
DAN1385Dance History llTo Present3.00TR ***2.00
DAN140Modern Dance lTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DAN191Select Top -DanceTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DAN211Dance History I1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
DAN212Dance History II1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
DAN264BDance ProductionTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DBA110Database ConceptsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DBA120Database Programming ITo Present0.00No Credit0.00
DDT110Devel DisabilitiesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DDT120Teaching DdtTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DDT210Ddt Health IssuesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DDT220Prog Planning ProcessTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DEN110Orafacial AnatomyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DEN111Infection/Hazard ControlTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN112Dental RadiographyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DEN120Dental Hyg Preclinic LecTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN121Dental Hygiene Precl LabTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN123Nutrition/Dental HealthTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN124PeriodontologyTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN125Dental Office EmergenciesTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DEN130Dental Hygiene Theory ITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN131Dental Hygiene Clininc ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DEN140Dental Hygiene Theory IITo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DEN141Dental Hygiene Clinic IITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN220Dental Hygiene Theory IIITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN221Dental Hygiene Clinic IIITo Present0.00No Credit0.00
DEN222General & Oral PathologyTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
DEN223Dental PharmacologyTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN224Materials and ProceduresTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DEN230Dental Hygiene Theory IVTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
DEN231Dental Hygiene Clinic IVTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
DEN232Community Dental HealthTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DEN233Professional DevelopmentTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
DES110Architectural DraftingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DES125Graphic PresTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DES135Prin.& Elem Des. ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
DES220Intro to Int DesignTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DES225Textiles/FabricsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DES235ProductsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DES255History/Int&Furn ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DFT111Techn Drafting lTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DFT121Intro GD&TTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DFT151CAD lTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DFT152CAD llTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DFT154Intro Solid ModsTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
DFT170Engineer GraphicsTo Present3.00GC 1203.00
DFT3300Advertising DraftiTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DFT3314Mec CAD 2D AutoCadTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DFT3318Cad AssemblyTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
DFT3320Mech Cad 3D AutocdTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DFT3400Elect Electron DftTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
DFT3404Mechanical Draft ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
DFT3405Mechanic Draft IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
DFT3337Mech Cad-Basic CatiaTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DMA010Operations with IntegersTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DMA020Fractions & DecimalsTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DMA030Propor/Ratio/Rate/PercentTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DMA040Express/Lin Equat/InequalTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DMA050Graphs/Equations of LinesTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DMA060Polynomial/Quadratic ApplTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DMA070Rational Express/EquationTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DMA080Radical Express/EquationsTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DPT7745Networking EssntlsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DPX7412Window'95To Present0.60No Credit0.00
DPX7814WWWNavigat Tech1997/06 - Present0.00No Credit0.00
DPX7818Website Design1997/06 - Present1.00No Credit0.00
DPX7819Website Design1997/06 - Present1.00No Credit0.00
DPX8200MAC for KidsTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
DRA111Theatre Apprec.1997/06 - Present3.00THE 1033.00
DRA112Lit of the Theatre1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
DRA115Theatre Criticism1997/06 - Present3.00COM ***3.00
DRA122Oral Interpretatio1997/06 - Present3.00COM 2133.00
DRA124Readers Therat1997/06 - Present3.00COM 2133.00
DRA126Storytelling1997/06 - Present3.00COM ***3.00
DRA128Children's Theatr1997/06 - Present3.00COM ***3.00
DRA130Acting I1997/06 - Present3.00COM ***3.00
DRA1303ActingTo Present3.00THE 1**2.00
DRA1304Adv ActingTo Present3.00THE 1**2.00
DRA131Acting II1997/06 - Present3.00THE 2033.00
DRA132Stage MovementTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
DRA135Acting for CameraTo Present3.00COM ***3.00
DRA140Stagecraft I1997/06 - Present3.00COM ***3.00
DRA141Stagecraft II1997/06 - Present3.00SP 2233.00
DRA1500Intro to DramaTo Present5.00TR ***0.33
DRA170Play Production I1997/06 - Present3.00COM ***3.00
DRA171Play Production II1997/06 - Present3.00COM ***3.00
DRA211Theatre Hist I1997/06 - Present3.00COM ***3.00
DRA212Theatre Hist II1997/06 - Present3.00COM ***3.00
DRA270Play Productn lllTo Present3.00COM ***3.00
DRA271Play Production lVTo Present3.00COM ***3.00
DRA292Selectd Top DramaTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
DRE097Intergrated Reading Writing ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
DRE098Integrated Reading Writing IIITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ECM210Intro E-CommerceTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ECO151Surv of Economics1997/06 - Present3.00EC 1**3.00
ECO2304Economics I -Macro1969/08 - 1997/053.00EC 2**2.00
Prerequisite: 2304 & 2305 required for EC 201 equivalency
ECO2305Economics II -MicrTo Present3.00EC 2**2.00
Prerequisite: 2304 & 2305 required for EC 201 equivalency Prerequisite: 2305 & 2306 required for EC 202 equivalency
ECO2306Economics IIITo Present3.00EC 2**2.00
Prerequisite: 2305 & 2306 required for EC 202 equivalency
ECO251Prin of Microecon1997/06 - Present3.00EC 2013.00
ECO252Prin of Macroecon1997/06 - Present3.00EC 2023.00
ECO3300Intro to EconomicsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDN3304MacIntosh Appl IntTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDN4205Inter Desgn OrientTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
EDN4304Interior PresentTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDN4307Surv of MaterialsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDN4310Desgn SketchingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDN4311Desgn Sketch IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDN4312Prof Prac & ProcTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDN4314Appl Prob Studio ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDN4315Appl Prob Studio 2To Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDN4316Period Furn/FurnisTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDN4317Per Furn/Furnish 2To Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDN4320Intro to TextilesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDN4406Contract InteriorsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
EDN4416Appl Prob Studio 2To Present4.00No Credit0.00
EDP1404Fortran ITo Present4.00CSC ***2.00
Prerequisite: 1404 & 1405 required for CSC 112 equivalency
EDP1405Fortran IITo Present4.00CSC ***2.00
Prerequisite: 1404 & 1405 required for CSC 112 equivalency
EDP1407Pascal ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
EDP1408Pascal IITo Present4.00CSC 1**2.00
EDP1500Computer LiteracyTo Present5.00CSC 2003.00
CSC 2**

EDP1550Comp Cncpt&ApplTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EDP2525Intro to Bus CmptTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EDP3300Intro Computr ConcTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDP3310MicroComp OperTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDP3324Adv Microcomp OperTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDP3335Micro Prog-MS-DOSTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDP3405MicroComputer PGMTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
EDP3406Micro ProgmTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
EDP3410Microcomp Pgm LangTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
EDP3411Adv C LanguageTo 1997/084.00CSC ***2.67
Prerequisite: 3410 & 3411 required for CSC 114 equivalency Prerequisite: 3411 & 3415 required for CSC 210 equivalency
EDP3415C++To 1997/084.00CSC ***2.67
Prerequisite: 3411 & 3415 required for CSC 210 equivalency
EDP34405Microcmpt Pgm-BasiTo 1997/084.00No Credit0.00
EDP3514LOGIC/COBOL lTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EDP3515Cobol IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EDP3516Progrm Logic/CobolTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EDP4314Syst & ProceduresTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDP4315Appl Bus SystemsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDP4425Computer Systems ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
EDP4435Computer System llTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
EDP4444Rpg ProgrammingTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
EDP4445Adv Rpg PrgrmingTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
EDP4516CICSTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EDP4517Batch Data ProcTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EDP4518Real Time DataTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EDU111Early Childhood ITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
EDU112Early Childhood IITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
EDU116Intro to Education1997/06 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU119Intro to Early Child EduTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
EDU144Child Devlpmt ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU145Child Devel IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU221Children w/ExceptTo Present3.00ECI 4163.00
EDU271Educatn TechnTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EDU7001AstrologyTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
EDU9300Effective Learning SkillsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EFL030CESL for Special PuTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EFL055CEnglish for Special PurpoTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EFL062Listeng/Speakng IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EFL063Listen/Speak llTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EFL064Listening/SpeakingTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EFL072Reading llTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EFL073Reading IIITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EFL074Reading IVTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EFL082Grammar llTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EFL083Grammar IIITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EFL084Grammar IVTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EFL091Composition ITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EFL092Composition IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EFL093Composition IIITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EFL094Composition IVTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EFL111Eng for Intrntls ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
EFL112EFL for InterntnlsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
EFL181EFL Lab 1To Present1.00No Credit0.00
EFL182EFL Lab 2To Present1.00No Credit0.00
EGR120Eng/Des GraphicsTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
EGR125Appl SoftwareTechTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
EGR150Intro EngineeringTo Present2.00E ***2.00
EGR115Intro to TechnologyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
EGR115AIntro to Technology LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
EGR210Intro Elec/Comp Engr LabTo Present2.00TR ***2.00
EGR212Logic System Design ITo Present3.00TR ***3.00
EGR215Network Theory ITo Present3.00TR ***3.00
EGR216Logic & Network LabTo Present1.00TR ***1.00
EGR220Engineering StaticsTo Present0.00CE 2143.00
EGR250Statics/Strength of MaterialsTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ELC111Intro ElectricityTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ELC112DC/AC ElectricityTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ELC113Basic WiringTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELC114Basic Wiring IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELC118Nat Electric CodeTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ELC119NEC CalculationsTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ELC121Electrical EstimatTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ELC125Diagram SchematicsTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ELC128Intro to PLCTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ELC131DC/AC Circuits AnaTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ELC132Elect DrawTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ELC133Adv Circuits AnalyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ELC229Applicat ProjectTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ELC231Electric Power SysTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELC5403Coml/Indl Wiring IITo Present0.00No Credit0.00
ELN131Electronic DevicesTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN131EDigital ElectronicTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN132Linear IC ApplicatTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN133Digital ElectronTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN133EDigital Electronic1997/06 - Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN150CAD For ElectronicTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ELN229Indust ElectronicsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN232Intro MicroprocessTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN233Microprocessor SysTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN260Program Logic Cont1997/06 - Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN3100Elect SeminarTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ELN3104Computer Tech SemTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ELN3105Intro Comp Engr TeTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ELN3404Electronics ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN3405Electronics IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN3406Electronics lllTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN3414Indust InstrumentaTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN3514Basic Elec-DCTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ELN3515Basic Elec-ACTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ELN4100Tech Career PlanniTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ELN4326Elect-ElectronicsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ELN4414Receiver & TransmiTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN4415Ind Prog ControlleTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN4416Cmpt Maintenance ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN4417Computr Circuits lTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN4418Computer CircuitsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN4427Digital Circuits ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN4436Systems CorrectionTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN4444Network AnalysisTo 1997/064.00No Credit0.00
ELN4456Local Area NetworkTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN4464Elect Cir Design ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ELN4525Electrical MachineTo 1997/065.00No Credit0.00
ELN4526Elect Machines IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ELN4547Microprocessors lTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ELN4567MicroComputr CircTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
EMT7028EMT BasicTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
EMT7300Emt BasicTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ENG060Speaking Eng Well1997/06 - Present2.00No Credit0.00
ENG080Writing Foundation1997/06 - Present4.00No Credit0.00
ENG085Rdng/Wrtng FoundTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ENG085ARdng/Wrtng LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ENG090Compos StrategiesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG090AComp Strategie LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ENG095Reading/Comp StratTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ENG095ARead/Comp Stat LabTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ENG111Writing and Inquiry1997/06 - 2014/073.00ENG 1GEP3.00
Prerequisite 2 (3 hr) ENG 1GEP/(1**) courses required for ENG 101 equivalency.
ENG111Writing and Inquiry2014/08 - Present3.00ENG 1GEP3.00
Prerequisite 2 (3 hr) ENG 1GEP/(1**) courses required for ENG 101 equivalency.
ENG111AExpository Writ La1997/06 - Present1.00No Credit0.00
ENG112Writing/Research in the Disc1997/06 - 2014/073.00ENG 1GEP3.00
Prerequisite 2 (3 hr) ENG 1GEP/(1**) courses required for ENG 101 equivalency.
ENG112Writing/Research in the Disc2014/08 - Present3.00ENG 1GEP3.00
Prerequisite 2 (3 hr) ENG 1GEP/(1**) courses required for ENG 101 equivalency.
ENG113Lit-Based Rsrch1997/06 - 2014/073.00No Credit0.00
ENG113Lit-Based Rsrch2014/08 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG114Prof Resrch&Report1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 1GEP3.00
Prerequisite 2 (3 hr) ENG 1GEP/(1**) courses required for ENG 101 equivalency.
ENG125Creative Writing1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ENG126Creative Writing 21997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ENG1300News WritingTo Present3.00ENG 1GEP3.00
ENG1304Intro EnglishTo 1993/013.00ENG 1GEP3.00
Prerequisite: 3 (2 hr) ENG level 1 Courses required for ENG 101 equivalency
ENG1305Intro English IITo 1992/123.00ENG 1GEP3.00
Prerequisite: 3 (2 hr) ENG level 1 Courses required for ENG 101 equivalency
ENG1306Intro English IIITo 1993/013.00ENG 1GEP3.00
Prerequisite: 3 (2 hr) ENG level 1 Courses required for ENG 101 equivalency
ENG131Intro to Literatur1997/06 - Present3.00ENG ***3.00
ENG1324Creative WritingTo Present3.00ENG 2**2.00
Prerequisite: 1324 & 1325 required for ENG 323 equivalency
ENG1325Adv Creative WrTo Present3.00ENG ***2.00
Prerequisite: 1324 & 1325 required for ENG 323 equivalency
ENG1333Science FictionTo Present3.00ENG ***2.00
ENG1334The NovelTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG1335Cl. Fairy TalesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG1504English Compos lTo 1997/055.00ENG 1GEP3.00
Prerequisite 2 (3 hr) ENG 1GEP/(1**) courses required for ENG 101 equivalency.
ENG1505English Comp IITo 1997/055.00ENG 1GEP3.00
Prerequisite 2 (3 hr) ENG 1GEP/(1**) courses required for ENG 101 equivalency.
ENG1524Creative WritingTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ENG1525Adv Creative WritTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ENG192SpTp:EnglishTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ENG2308Report WrtingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG231American Lit. I1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2653.00
ENG2314Contemp FictionTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG232American Lit. II1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2663.00
ENG2324Bible as LiteraturTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG233Major AM. Writers1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2523.00
ENG2405Tech English llTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ENG241British Lit. I1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2613.00
ENG242British Lit. II1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2623.00
ENG243Maj. Brit. Writers1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2513.00
ENG2504Brit Lit 1300-1800To Present5.00ENG 2613.00
ENG 2**

ENG2505Brit Lit 1800-PresTo Present5.00TR ***0.33
ENG 262

ENG251West. World Lit. I1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2213.00
ENG2510Wld Lit 1700-PresTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ENG2511World Lit 17th CenTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ENG2514American Lit ITo Present5.00ENG 2653.00
ENG 2**

ENG2515American Lit IITo Present5.00ENG 2663.00
ENG 2**

ENG252West. World Lit.II1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2223.00
ENG253Bible as Literatur1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ENG261World Lit I1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2**3.00
ENG262World Lit II1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2**3.00
ENG265Thematic Wld Lit I1997/06 - Present3.00ENG ***3.00
ENG266Thematic Wld Lit 21997/06 - Present3.00ENG ***3.00
ENG271Contemporary Lit1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
ENG273African-Am Lit1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2483.00
ENG274Lit by Women1997/06 - Present3.00ENG ***3.00
ENG275Science Fiction1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 3763.00
ENG3305Communications IITo Present3.00COM 2**2.00
ENG3306English Communication IIITo Present3.00COM 2**2.00
ENG3405Tech Engl IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ENG3515Essentials of GramTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ENG4324Adv CopywritingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG4325Copywriting IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENG5500Commun SkillsTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ENG9500Learning to WriteTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ENG9505Spelling & VocabTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ENG9510Fund of WritingTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ENG111Writing and InquiryTo Present3.00ENG 1014.00

Writing/Research in the Disc

To Present

ENG 1**

ENG111Writing and InquiryTo Present3.00ENG 1014.00

Lit-Based Rsrch

To 2014/08

No Credit

ENG111Writing and InquiryTo Present3.00ENG 1014.00

Prof Resrch&Report

To Present

ENG 1**

ENL3100Elect-Elect SeminrTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
ENV110Environmental ScienceTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ENV110AEnv. Sci LaboratoryTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
EPD3514Cobol ITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ESL1600Eng Lang Int'l ITo Present6.00No Credit0.00
ESL1601Eng Lang Inter IITo Present6.00No Credit0.00
ESL8063Listen-Speak lllTo Present8.00No Credit0.00
ESL8092Composition lTo Present8.00No Credit0.00
ESL9200PronunciationTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ESL9240TOEFL PreparationTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ESL9412Reading IIITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
ESL9505Conversat Engl IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ESL9508Listng/Spkg IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ESL9509Lstng/Speaking IIITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ESL9511Reading IIITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ESL9515Grammar IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ESL9516Grammar IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ESL9547Composition IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
ESL9548Composition IIITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
FIN3314Business Math ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FIN3315Business Math IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FIP120Intro Fire ProtectTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FIP124Fire Prev & EducTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FIP128Dectect/InvestigtnTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FIP132Build ConstrTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FIP136Inspections/CodesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FIP140Indust Fire ProtecTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
FIP144Sprnk/Auto AlarmsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FIP148Port/Fixed ExtingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FIP152Fire Protectn LawTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FIP220Fire Fight StratTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FIP221Adv Fire Fight StrTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FIP224Instrctnl MethodolTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
FIP229Fire Dynamics and CombustTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FIP230Chem of Haz MatTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
FIP231Chem of Haz Mat IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
FIP232hydraulics & Water DisTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FIP236Emergency ManagementTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FIP240Fire Service SupervisionTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FIP264Flame Propag/MatTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FIP276Managing Fire ServTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
FRE111Elemen. French I1997/06 - Present3.00FLF 1013.00
FRE112Elemen. French II1997/06 - Present3.00FLF 1023.00
FRE141Cult & Civilizatio1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
FRE1500Elem French ITo Present5.00FLF 1013.00
FLF 1**

FRE151Francophone Lit1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
FRE1600Elem French ITo Present6.00FLF 1013.00
FLF 1**

FRE1601Elem French IITo Present6.00FLF 1023.00
FLF 1**

FRE161Cultural immersion1997/06 - Present3.00FL 2951.00
FRE181French Lab I1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
FRE182French Lab II1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
FRE211Interm. French I1997/06 - Present3.00FLF 2013.00
FRE212Interm. French II1997/06 - Present3.00FLF 2023.00
FRE221French Conversatio1997/06 - Present3.00FLF 2**3.00
FRE2600Interm French ITo Present6.00TR ***1.00
FLF 201

FRE2601Interm French IITo Present6.00TR ***1.00
FLF 202

FRE281French Lab III1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
FRE282French Lab IV1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
FSO3504Food PreparationTo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
FSX7407Xmas Hors D'oeuvreTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GED6005GED TestingTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
GEL111Intro Geology1997/06 - Present4.00MEA 1101.00
MEA 101

GEL113Historical Geol1997/06 - Present4.00MEA 2111.00
MEA 202

GEL120Physical Geology1997/06 - Present4.00MEA 1101.00
MEA 101

GEL1604Physical GeologyTo Present6.00TR ***1.00
MEA 101

GEL230Environ Geology1997/06 - Present4.00MEA 3004.00
GEN1140Field BiologyTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
GEN1141Nature PhotoTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
GEN1149Field OrnithologyTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
GEN1201Career ExplorationTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GEN1370Becoming-Master StTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
GEO110Intro to GeographyTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
GEO111World Reg. Geo.1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
GEO112Cultural Geography1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
GEO113Economic Geog1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
GEO131Phys GeographyTo Present4.00TR ***4.00
GEO1614Physical GeographyTo Present6.00TR ***4.00
GER111Elemen. German I1997/06 - Present3.00FLG 1013.00
GER112Elemen. German II1997/06 - Present3.00FLG 1023.00
GER1600Elem German ITo Present6.00FLG 1013.00
FLG 1**

GER1601Elem German IITo Present6.00TR ***1.00
FLG 102

GER161Cultural ImmersionTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
GER181German Lab ITo Present1.00TR ***1.00
GER182German Lab II1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
GER211Interm. German I1997/06 - Present3.00FLG 2013.00
GER212Interm. German II1997/06 - Present3.00FLG 2023.00
GER221German Conversatn1997/06 - Present3.00FL 2951.00
GER2600Interm German ITo Present6.00TR ***1.00
FLG 201

GER2601Interm German IITo Present6.00TR ***1.00
FLG 202

GER281German Lab III1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
GER282German Lab IV1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
GER293Sel Topics in GermTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
GIS111Intro to GISTo Present2.00TR ***2.00
GPY1500World GeographyTo Present5.00TR ***3.33
GRA110Graph Arts OrientTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRA121Graphic Arts lTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
GRA140Graphic Arts ImageTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRA151Computer Graph lTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRA152Computer Graph llTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRA153Computer Graph lllTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRA154Cmptr Graph IVTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRA161Cmptr Graph Apps ITo Present1.00No Credit0.00
GRA221Graphic Arts IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
GRA222Graphic Arts IIITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
GRA230Substrates&InkTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRA245Printing Sales SerTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
GRA255Image Manipul lTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRA256Image Mnipulatn IITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRA280Print MgmtTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRD110Typography ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
GRD111Typography IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
GRD113Hist Graph DesignTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
GRD131Illustration ITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRD141Graphic Design ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
GRD142Graphic Design IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
GRD151Cmptr Dsgn GraphTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
GRD152Cmptr Dsgn Tech ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
GRD160Photo Fundamentl ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
GRD241Graphic Design IIITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
GRD242Graphic Design IVTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
GRD263Illustratve ImageTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
GRD265Digital Print ProdTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
GRD280Portfolio DesignTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
GRD282Advrtsng CopywrtngTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
GRO120GerontologyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HEA110Personal Hlth&Well1997/06 - Present3.00PEH 2852.00
PEH 2**

HEA112First Aid & CPR1997/06 - Present2.00PEH 2**2.00
HEA120Community Health1997/06 - Present3.00PEH 2**3.00
HEA130Hlth-Adult SexualTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HEA8243CPR InstructorTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
HEA8956CPR-Adult/InfantTo Present0.70No Credit0.00
HED1200Public Hlth&SantTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HED1203Cardio RES-CPRTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HED1204First Aid ITo 1997/082.00No Credit0.00
HED1300Intro to Health EdTo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
HED1310Your Hlth Your ChoTo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
HIGER141Cult&Civilization1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
HIS111World Civil I1997/06 - Present3.00HI 2323.00
HIS112World Civil II1997/06 - Present3.00HI 2333.00
HIS114Comp World Hist1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
HIS115Intr Global Hist1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
HIS116Current Wrld Prob1997/06 - Present3.00HI ***3.00
HIS117HIst of Religions1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
HIS121Western Civiliz. I1997/06 - Present3.00HI 2073.00
HIS121TWestern Civ II1997/06 - Present2.00HI 2**2.00
HIS122Western Civil. II1997/06 - Present3.00HI 2103.00
HIS131American History I1997/06 - Present3.00HI 2513.00
HIS132Amer. History II1997/06 - Present3.00HI 2523.00
HIS1500World Civil I1969/08 - 1997/055.00HI 2073.00
HI 2**

HIS1501World Civil II1969/08 - 1997/055.00HI 2053.00
HI ***

HIS1502Amer Hist ITo Present5.00HI 2513.00
HI 2**

HIS1503Amer Hist IITo Present5.00HI 2523.00
HI 2**

HIS1504Recent Amer HisTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
HIS1505Modern WorldTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
HIS151Hispanic Civil1997/06 - Present3.00HI ***3.00
HIS1510Amer Civil WarTo Present5.00HI 4463.00
HI 4**

HIS1520Afr. Amer Hist ITo Present5.00HI ***3.33
Prerequisite: 1520 & 1521 required for HI 373 equivalency
HIS1521Afr. Amer Hist IITo Present5.00HI ***3.33
Prerequisite: 1520 & 1521 required for HI 373 equivalency
HIS162Women & HIstory1997/06 - Present3.00HI ***3.00
HIS165Twentieth-Cen Wrld1997/06 - Present3.00HI 2333.00
HIS211Ancient History1997/06 - Present3.00HI 2**3.00
HIS221Afr-Amer HIst1997/06 - Present3.00HI ***3.00
HIS226The Amer Civil WarTo Present3.00HI ***3.00
HIS227Native American Hi1997/06 - Present3.00HI ***3.00
HIS228Hist of South1997/06 - Present3.00HI ***3.00
HIS231Recent Amer HistTo Present3.00HI ***3.00
HIS236North C. History1997/06 - Present3.00HI 3643.00
HIS2500N.C. HistoryTo Present5.00HI 3643.00
HI 3**

HIS251English Hist I1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2213.00
HIS252English Hist II1997/06 - Present3.00HI 2223.00
HIS260History of Africa1997/06 - Present3.00HI 3733.00
HIS261East Asian Hist1997/06 - Present3.00HI 2**3.00
HIS262Mid East Hist1997/06 - Present3.00HI 2**3.00
HIT110Health Infr OrientTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HIT112Hlth/Law EthicsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HIT114Rec Syst/StdsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HIT218ManagementTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR112Landscape DesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR114Landscape CnstrnTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR116Lndscp Mngmt ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR118Equip Oper&MainTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HOR124Nursery OperationsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR134Greenhouse OperTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR142Fruit & Vegetable ProdTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
HOR150Intro HorticultureTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HOR154Intro to Hort TherapyTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
HOR160Plant Materials ITo Present3.00HS ***3.00
HOR162Applied Plant SciTo Present3.00HS 2013.00
HOR164Horticult Pest MgtTo Present3.00PP ***3.00
HOR166Soils & FertilizerTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR168Plant PropagationTo Present3.00HS ***3.00
HOR170Hort Comptr AppTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HOR213Landscape DesignTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR235Greenhouse ProdTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR245Hor Spec CropsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR251Insects & DiseasesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR253Hort Turf GrassTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR255InteriorscapesTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HOR257Arboricul PracticeTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HOR260Plant Materials 2To Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR265Adv Plant MaterialTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HOR273Hort Mktng MgmtTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR293Selected TopicsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR3111Horticult SeminarTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
HOR3202Home&Yard HortTo 1997/082.00No Credit0.00
HOR3302Landscp GraphicsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR3304Comp Aid LandscaTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HOR3400Landscp Plnts ITo 1997/064.00No Credit0.00
HOR3403Nursery TechnologyTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
HOR3404Landscape Plant IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
HOR3405Grnds Maint IITo 1997/064.00No Credit0.00
HOR3408Introd HorticulutTo 1997/064.00No Credit0.00
HOR3410Turf ManagementTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
HOR3504Grnds Maint ITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
HOR3505Landsc GardeningTo 1997/065.00No Credit0.00
HOR4411Greenhouse HorticlTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
HPE1104FencingTo 1997/081.00PE 2441.00
HPE1107Self-Def&Phys CondTo 1997/081.00PE 1**0.67
HPE1108Self-Def&Phys InteTo 1997/081.00PE 1**0.67
HPE1109Self-Def&Phys ADVTo 1997/081.00PE 1**0.67
HPE1112Water AerobicsTo 1997/081.00PE 1**0.67
HPE1113Badminton/VolleybaTo 1997/081.00PE 2**0.67
HPE1117Ice Skating1969/08 - 1997/071.00PE 1**0.67
HPE1123Phys Fitness BegTo 1997/081.00PE 1**0.67
HPE1132Weight Training lTo 1997/121.00PE 1**0.67
HPE1132Weight Training l1998/01 - Present1.00PE 2371.00
HPE1147Begin TennisTo 1997/081.00PE 1**0.67
HPE1148Interm TennisTo Present1.00PE 1**0.67
HPE1153Weight Training IITo Present1.00PE 1**0.67
HPE1164Yoga-BeginningTo 1997/081.00PE ***0.67
HPE1170Aerobics ITo 1997/051.00PE 1**0.67
HPE1174Mountaineering ITo 1997/061.00No Credit0.00
HPE1176BackingTo 1997/081.00PE 1**0.67
HPE1180OrienteeringTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
HPE1190Intro to GolfTo Present1.00PE ***0.67
HPE1193SlimnasticsTo Present1.00PE ***0.67
HPE1196Gymnastics BegTo 1997/081.00PE 1**0.67
HPE1215Lifegaurd TrainingTo Present2.00PE 2231.00
PE 2**

HPE2100BicyclingTo Present1.00PE ***0.67
HPE2112Canoeing-BasicTo 1997/051.00PE 2**0.67
HPE2115KayakingTo 1997/081.00PE 2**0.67
HRM110Intro HospitalityTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
HRM210Mtgs/ConventionsTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
HRM220Food & Bev ControlTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HRM225Beverage MgmtTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HRM230Club/Resort MgmtTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HRM235Hosptlty Qualty MgTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HRM240Hospitality MarketTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HRM245Hospitalty Res MgtTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
HRM280Hospitality Mgt PrTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HRM3300Intro Hotel/Rest MTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HRX8003Ten Key SkillsTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
HSA3311Intro Develop Disabil lTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HSA5200Human RelationsTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HSC6001EnglishTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
HSC6021HistoryTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
HSD6002HS Diploma Eng 108To 1997/080.00No Credit0.00
HSD6003HS Diploma Eng 105To 1997/080.00No Credit0.00
HSD6004HS Diploma Eng 103To Present0.00No Credit0.00
HSD6005HSD English 107To Present0.00No Credit0.00
HSD6011MathematicsTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
HSD6012HS Diploma MathTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
HSD6022HSD US HIstoryTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
HSD6023HSD Govt & EconTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
HSD6024HSD World CulturesTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
HSD6032HS Diploma Gen SciTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
HSD6033HS Diploma BiologyTo 1997/080.00No Credit0.00
HSD6038HSD Enviro ScienceTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
HSD6068Computr LiteracyTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
HSE110Intro Human ServicTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HSE112Group Process ITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HSE120Interpers RelationTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HSE123Interview TechniqTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HSE125CounselingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HSE210Human Servic IssueTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HSE212Group ProcessTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
HSE220Case ManagemntTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HSE225Crisis IntrventionTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HSE227Chldrn/Adol CrisisTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HUM110Technology&Soc1997/06 - Present3.00STS 2143.00
HUM115Critical ThinkingTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
HUM120Cultural Studies1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
HUM121Nature of America1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
HUM122Southern Culture1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
HUM130Myth in Hum Cult1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
HUM1300Ascent of Man1969/08 - 1997/073.00TR ***3.00
HUM1305Classic Fairy TaleTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HUM1315How Word MeanTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HUM1319MythologyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HUM1329Slavic Lit & CultTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
HUM150Amer Women's Stds1997/06 - Present3.00WGS 2003.00
HUM1500Classic-MedievalTo Present5.00TR ***3.33
HUM1501Rennaisance-PresTo Present5.00TR ***3.33
HUM1510Writers & RevolTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
HUM160Intro to Film1997/06 - Present3.00ENG 2823.00
HUM211Humanities I1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
HUM212Humanities II1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
HUM220Hum Values&Meaning1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
HUM230Leadership Devel1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
INT110International BusTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
INT210Intl TradeTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
INT220Intl EconomicsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
INT230Intl LawTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
INT3300Intro to Int'l BusTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
IPP111Intro InterpretatiTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
IPP112Comparat CultTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
IPP130Analy Skill of IntTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
IPP150Linguist of ASLTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
IPP151ASL Number&FingerTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
IPP152ASL/Engl TransTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
IPP153Intro Discourse AnTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
IPP1601Sign Language ITo Present6.00No Credit0.00
IPP1602Sign Language llTo Present6.00No Credit0.00
IPP161Consecut InterpretTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
IPP221Simultan InterpretTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
IPP222Sumultan InterpreTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
IPP240Ethical Stnd&PractTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
IPP3324Convers Sign LangTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
IPPI1602Sign Language IITo Present6.00No Credit0.00
ISC112Indust SafetyTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ISC131Quality Mgmt1997/08 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
ISC132Mfg Quality ContrlTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ISC212MetrologyTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
ISC3301Engr Economic AnalysisTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ISC4305Plant Layout/Matl HandlingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ISC4307Introduction to RoboticsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ISC4308Robotics/AutomationTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ISC4316Process PlanningTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ITA111Element. Italian I1997/06 - Present3.00FLI 1013.00
ITA112Elem. Italian II1997/06 - Present3.00FLI 1023.00
ITA181Italian Lab I1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
ITA182Italian Lab II1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
ITA211Interm. Italian I1997/06 - Present3.00FLI 2013.00
ITA212Interm. Italian II1997/06 - Present3.00FLI 2023.00
ITA281Italian Lab III1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
ITA282Italian Lab IV1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
ITN110Intro Web GraphicsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ITN140Web Dev ToolsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ITN150Internet ProtocolsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
ITN160Prin Web DesignTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
JOU110Intro to Journalsm1997/06 - Present3.00TR ***3.00
JOU216Writ/Mass MediaTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
JOU217Feature/Editor WriTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
JOU8114Creative WritingTo Present2.40ENG ***2.40
JOU8120I Want to be WriteTo Present0.60No Credit0.00
LAN8039Beg Modern GrkTo Present2.00GRK ***2.00
LAN8309Begin Conv Span lTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
LEP6001Lim Englis Prof ITo Present0.00No Credit0.00
LEP6001ALim Englis Prof ITo Present0.00No Credit0.00
LEP6002LIM Eng Prof IITo 1997/080.00No Credit0.00
LEP6003LIM Eng Prof IIITo 1997/080.00No Credit0.00
LEP6008High Interm ESL SkTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
LEP6107Limited Eng ProficTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
LEP6108High Interm ESL SkTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
LEX110Intro To ParalegalTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
LEX120Legal Res/Wrting ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX121Leg Res/Wrting IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX130Civil InjuriesTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
LEX140Civil Litigation ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX141Civil Litigat IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX150Commercial Law ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX160Crim Law & ProcTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX192Sel Topic Immigration LawTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
LEX210Real Property ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX220Corporate LawTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
LEX240Family LawTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
LEX250Wills,Estate,TrustTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
LEX270Law Office Mgt TecTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
LEX280Ethics & Profess.To Present2.00No Credit0.00
LEX3300Case Analysis /Reasoning lTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
LEX3301Case anal Rea llTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
LEX3303Legal Research lTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
LEX3304Legal Research llTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
LEX3310Intro Civil ProcedureTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
LEX4314Wills, trusts & ProbateTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MA167Discrete Math1997/06 - Present3.00MA ***3.00
MA272TCalculus III1997/06 - Present3.00MA 2**3.00
MAC111Machining TechTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MAC121Intro to CNCTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MAC122CNC TurningTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MAC124CNC MillingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MAC131Blueprint Read/MacTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MAC132Blueprint Read/MacTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MAC152Adv Mach CalulatnTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MAC3201Mach Oprn Engr TecTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MAC3306CNC Turn Center OpTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MAC5200Percis Instrm RdngTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MAC5203Bluepr Rdng MachanTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MAC5300Fund Comp Num CntTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MAC5311Basic Lathe OperTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MAC5422Basic Milling OperTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAC3202Cnc Prog/Mach Engr TechTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MAT001Math Skills SupportTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
MAT050Bas Math SkillsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAT060Essential MathTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAT070Introd AlgebraTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAT080Intermed AlgebraTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MAT115Math ModelsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MAT1195Modern GeometryTo 1997/055.00No Credit0.00
MAT121Alg/Trig ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MAT122Alg/Trig llTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MAT140Survey of Math1997/06 - Present3.00MA 1033.00
MAT140ASurvey of Math Lab1997/06 - Present1.00MA ***1.00
MAT143Quantitative LiteracyTo Present3.00MA 1GEP3.00
MAT1504College Algebra ITo Present5.00MA 1**3.33
MAT1505College Algebra IITo Present5.00MA 1**3.33
MAT151Statistics I1997/06 - Present3.00ST 3113.00
MAT1512Calc-Bus & Soc SciTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT1514Pre-Calculus ITo Present5.00MA 1**3.33
Prerequisite: 1514 & 1515 requried for MA 111 or MA 107 equivalency
MAT1515Pre-Calculus IITo Present5.00MA 1**3.33
Prerequisite: 1514 & 1515 requried for MA 111 or MA 107 equivalency
MAT152Statistical Methods ITo Present4.00ST 3113.00
ST ***

MAT1524Anal Geo&Calc ITo Present5.00MA 1**3.33
CALCULUS I & II (quarter hrs) required for MA 141 and CALCULUS II & III (quarter hrs) required for MA 241 equivalency
MAT155Statistical Anal1997/06 - Present3.00ST 3113.00
MAT155AStat Analysis LabTo Present1.00ST ***1.00
MAT161College Algebra1997/06 - Present3.00MA 1**3.00
MAT161ACol Alg LabTo Present1.00TR ***1.00
MAT161TCollege AlgebraTo Present4.00MA ***4.00
MAT162College Trigonomet1997/06 - Present3.00MA 1**3.00
MAT165Finite Mathematics1997/06 - Present3.00MA 1143.00
MAT167Discrete MathTo Present3.00MA ***3.00
MAT171Precalculus Alg1997/06 - Present4.00TR ***1.00
MA 107

MAT171APr Calc Alg LabTo Present1.00TR ***1.00
MAT171CPrecalculus AlgTo Present3.00MA 1073.00
MAT172Precalculus Trig1997/06 - Present4.00TR ***1.00
MA 108

MAT172APr Calc/Trig LabTo Present1.00TR ***1.00
MAT172CPrecalculus TrigonometryTo Present3.00MA 1083.00
MAT175Precalculus1997/06 - Present4.00MA 1113.00
MA 1**

MAT192Select Top in MathTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MAT223Applied CalcTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MAT2504Anal Geo&Calc IITo Present5.00MA 2**3.33
CALCULUS I & II (quarter hrs) required for MA 141 and CALCULUS II & III (quarter hrs) required for MA 241 equivalency
MAT2505Anal Geo&Calc IIITo Present5.00MA 2**3.33
CALCULUS I & II (quarter hrs) required for MA 141 and CALCULUS II & III (quarter hrs) required for MA 241 equivalency
MAT2506Anal Geo&Calc IVTo Present5.00MA 2**3.33
CALCULUS I & II (quarter hrs) required for MA 141 and CALCULUS II & III (quarter hrs) required for MA 241 equivalency
MAT2508Differential EquatTo Present5.00MA 3413.00
MA 3**

MAT2514Statistics ITo Present5.00MA ***3.33
Prerequisite: 2514 & 2515 required for ST 311equivalency
MAT2515Statistics IITo Present5.00MA ***3.33
Prerequisite: 2514 & 2515 required for ST 311equivalency
MAT252Statistics II1997/06 - Present3.00ST ***3.00
MAT263Brief Calculus1997/06 - Present4.00TR ***1.00
MA 121

MAT263ABrief Cal LabTo Present1.00TR ***1.00
MAT263CBrief CalculusTo Present3.00MA 1213.00
MAT271Calculus I1997/06 - Present4.00MA 1414.00
MAT272Calculus II1997/06 - Present4.00MA 2414.00
MAT272TCalculus III1997/06 - Present3.00MA 2**3.00
MAT273Calculus III1997/06 - Present4.00MA 2424.00
MAT280Linear Algebra1997/06 - Present3.00MA 3053.00
MAT285Differential Equat1997/06 - Present3.00MA 3413.00
MAT3306Tech TrigonomTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MAT3325Gen Coll MathTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MAT3504Tech Math ITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT3505Tech Math IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT3507Engin Tech Mth ITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT3508Engin Tech Mth IITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT3509Engin Tech Mth IIITo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT3516Statistical Proc CTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT4507Engin Tech math IVTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT5304Basic Math ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MAT5305Basic Math IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MAT9310Dev Algebra ITo 1997/083.00No Credit0.00
MAT9500Arithmetic lTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT9501Arithmetic llTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT9502Dev Algebra ITo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
MAT9510Devel Algebra IITo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
MAT9511Modern GeometryTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MAT156Statistical AnalysisTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MAT156AStatistical Analysis labTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
MEC111Machine Process lTo Present1.70No Credit0.00
MEC161Manufact ProcessTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MEC180Engr MaterialsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MEC250Statics/Strngth MtTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
MEC251StaticsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MEC252Strength MaterialsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MEC265Fluid MechanicsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MEC267Thermal SystemsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MEC270Machine DesignTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MEC275Engr MechanismsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MEC3101Coll & Car OrienTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
MEC3404Manufacturing Process ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MEC3405Manufacturing Process IITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MEC4402Machine DesignTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MEC4403Engineering MaterialsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MEC4404Tool & Die DesignTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MEC4405MechanismsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MEC4425ThermodynamicsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MEC4434Hydraulics & PneumaticsTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
MED110Orient Med AsstTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
MED114Prof Inter/HlthcarTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
MED116Intro to A & PTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MED118Medical Ethic/LawTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MED1203CardioPulmonry CPRTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MED121Medical Term lTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MED122Med Term IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MED130Adm Office Proc ITo Present0.00No Credit0.00
MED131Admin Office ProcTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MED134Medical TranscriptTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
MED138Infection/Hazard CTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
MED3304Medical Term VocabTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MFG3301Engr Economic AnlyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MFG4305Plnt Layout/Mtl HnTo 1997/053.00No Credit0.00
MGT2314Prin ManagementTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MGT4330SupervisionTo 1997/053.00No Credit0.00
MGT4332Hum Resources MgtTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MIC8780Motorcycle: RidingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MKT120Princ MarketingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MKT121RetailingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MKT122Visual MerchandTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MKT123Fund of SellingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MKT1304Marketing ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MKT220Adv & Sales PromotTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MKT221Consumer BehaviorTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MKT224International MketTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MKT225Marketing ResearchTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MKT227Marketing ApplicatTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MKT229Special Events ProductionTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MKT230Public RelationsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MKT4387Public RelationsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MLT110Intro to MLTTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MLT111Urinalysis & Body FluidsTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MLT120Hematology/Hemostasis ITo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MLT126Immunology and SerologyTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
MLT127Transfusion MedicineTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MLT130Clinical ChemistryTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
MLT140Intro to MicrobiologyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MLT216Professional IssuesTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
MLT220Hematology/Hemostasis IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MLT230Clinical Chemistry IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MLT240Special Clin MicrobiologyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MLT251MLT Practicum ITo Present1.00No Credit0.00
MLT267MLT Practicum IITo Present8.00No Credit0.00
MLT277MLT Practicum IIITo Present8.00No Credit0.00
MUS110Music Appreciation1997/06 - Present3.00MUS 2053.00
MUS1104Clas Voice ITo Present1.00MUS 1**2.67
MUS111Fund of MusicTo Present3.00TR ***3.00
MUS1110Music Appreciation1997/05 - Present3.00MUS 2003.00
MUS112Intro. to Jazz1997/06 - Present3.00MUS 2603.00
MUS113American Music1997/06 - Present3.00MUS 2**3.00
MUS114Non-Western Music1997/06 - Present3.00MUS 2**3.00
MUS115Orchestra Music1997/06 - Present3.00MUS 2**3.00
MUS1151Improv Rhy&InstTo Present1.00MUS 1**0.67
MUS1154Class Piano ITo Present1.00MUS 1**0.67
MUS1156Class Piano IIITo Present1.00MUS ***0.67
MUS1164GuitarTo Present1.00MUS 1**0.67
MUS1165Intermed GuitarTo Present1.00MUS 1**2.67
MUS121Music Theory lTo Present4.00MUS ***4.00
MUS122Music Theory ll1997/06 - Present4.00MUS ***4.00
MUS131Chorus I1997/06 - Present1.00MUS 1101.00
MUS1310Intro Music TheoryTo Present3.00MUS 1**2.67
MUS1314Music AppreciationTo Present3.00MUS 1**2.00
MUS1315Music Apprec IITo Present3.00MUS 1**2.00
MUS132Chorus II1997/06 - Present1.00MUS 1101.00
MUS1324Record Studio TechTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MUS133Band I1997/06 - Present1.00MUS 1001.00
MUS134Band II1997/06 - Present1.00MUS 1001.00
MUS135Jazz Ensemble I1997/06 - Present1.00MUS 1001.00
MUS136Jazz Ensemble II1997/06 - Present1.00MUS 1001.00
MUS137Orchestra I1997/06 - Present1.00MUS 1001.00
MUS138Orchestra II1997/06 - Present1.00MUS 1001.00
MUS1404Mus Theory lTo 1997/054.00MUS ***2.67
MUS141Ensemble I1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
MUS142Ensemble II1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
MUS151Class Music I1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
MUS151PClass Music ITo Present1.00TR ***1.00
MUS151VClass Music ITo Present1.00TR ***1.00
MUS152Class Music II1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
MUS175Recording Techn ITo Present2.00TR ***2.00
MUS176Recording Techq IITo Present2.00MUS ***2.00
MUS193Select Top: MusicTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
MUS210Hist of Rock Mus1997/06 - Present3.00MUS 2**3.00
MUS211Hist of Cntry Mus1997/06 - Present3.00MUS 2**3.00
MUS212Amer Mus Theatre1997/06 - Present3.00MUS 2**3.00
MUS213Opera&Musical The1997/06 - Present3.00MUS 2**3.00
MUS2169Jazz GuitarTo Present3.00MUS 1**2.67
MUS217Elem ConductingTo Present2.00TR ***2.00
MUS2202SongwritingTo Present2.00MUS ***1.33
MUS221Music Theory IIITo Present4.00MUS ***4.00
MUS2404Hist&Lit Music lTo Present4.00MUS ***2.67
MUS2405Hist&Lit Music llTo Present4.00MUS ***2.67
MUS251Class Music lllTo Present1.00MUS ***1.00
MUS252Class Music IVTo Present1.00TR ***1.00
MUS253Big BandTo Present1.00MUS ***1.00
NAS101Nursing Assistant ITo Present6.00No Credit0.00
NDE110Intro Nondestr ExmTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NET110Data Comm/NetwoTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NET125Networking BasicsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NET126Routing BasicsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NET225Routing & Switching ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NET226Routing & Switching IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NET260Internet Dev & SupTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NIT7068Lotus 123 - Lvl 1To Present1.60No Credit0.00
NIT7071Lotus 123 - Lvl 2To Present1.60No Credit0.00
NIT7270American Red CrossTo Present0.80No Credit0.00
NOS110Operating Sys CnptTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NOS120Linux/Unix Single UserTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
NUR111Intro to Health ConceptsTo Present8.00No Credit0.00
NUR112Health-Illness ConceptsTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
NUR113Family Health ConceptsTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
NUR114Holistic Health ConceptsTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
NUR211Health Care ConceptsTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
NUR212Health System ConceptsTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
NUR212ABHealth System ConceptsTo Present2.50No Credit0.00
NUR212BBHealth System ConceptsTo Present2.50No Credit0.00
NUR213Complex Health ConceptsTo Present10.00No Credit0.00
NUX8465Intro Hea OccupatTo Present1.20No Credit0.00
OST131KeyboardingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
OST134Text Entry & FormattingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
OST136Word ProcessingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
OST137Office Software ApplicationTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
OST138Advanced Software ApplTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
OST148Med Coding Billing & InsurTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
OST149Medical Legal IssuesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
OST164Txt Editing ApplTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
OST184Records ManagementTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
OST191Selected TopicsTo Present1.00No Credit0.00
OST236Adv Word/Information ProcTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
OST241Med Ofc Transcription ITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
OST243Med Office SimulationTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
OST286Prof DevelopmentTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PE141Tumbling&Gymnast1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2191.00
PE142Lifetime Sports1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE143Volleyball-Beg1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2691.00
PE144Volleyball-Int1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE145Basketball-Beg1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2611.00
PE146Basketball-Int1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2611.00
PE147Soccer1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2161.00
PE148Softball1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE149Flag Football1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE150Baseball/Beg1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE151Baseball/Int1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE152Swimming-Beg1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2141.00
PE153Swimming-Int1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2151.00
PE154Swimming for Fitne1997/06 - Present1.00PE 1041.00
PE155Water Aerobics1997/06 - Present1.00PE 1031.00
PE156Scuba Diving1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2262.00
PE158Whitewater Rafting1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE159Sailboarding1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE160Canoeing-Basic1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2551.00
PE161Canoeing-Rivers1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE162Angling1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE163Kayaking-Basic1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE164Kayaking-Whitewatr1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE166Sailing-Beg1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE167Sailing-Intermed1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE169Orienteerng1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE170Backpacking1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2571.00
PE171Nature Hiking1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE172Outdoor Living1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE173Rock Climbing1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2581.00
PE174Wildreness Pursuit1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE175Horseback Riding I1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE176Horseback Riding 21997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE177Ice Skating1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE178In-Line Skating1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE179Roller Skating1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE180Cycling1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PE181Snow Skiing-Beg1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED110Fit&Well for Life1997/06 - Present2.00PE 1011.00
PE 1**

PED111Phys Fitness I1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED112Phys Fitness II1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED113Aerobics ITo 1997/051.00PE ***0.67
PED113Aerobics I1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED114Aerobics II1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED115Step Aerobics I1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2301.00
PED116Step Aerobics II1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED117Weight Training I1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2371.00
PED118Weight Training II1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED119Circuit Training1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED120Walking For Life1997/06 - Present1.00PE 1021.00
PED121Walk, Jog, Run1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED122Yoga I1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED123Yoga II1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED124Run, Swim, Cycle1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED125Self-Defense-Beg1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED126Self-Defense-Int1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED127Karate1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2351.00
PED128Golf-BegTo 1997/051.00PE ***0.67
PED128Golf-Beg1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2451.00
PED129Golf Int1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED130Tennis-Beg1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2491.00
PED131Tennis-Int1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2501.00
PED132Racqueball-Beg1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2561.00
PED133Racqueball-Int1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED134Wrestling1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2381.00
PED135Fencing-Beg1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2441.00
PED136Fencing-Int1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED137Badminton1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2421.00
PED138Archery1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2511.00
PED139Bowling-Beg1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2431.00
PED140Bowling-Int1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED145BasketballTo Present1.00PE 2611.00
PED143Volleyball-BeginningTo Present1.00HEST 2691.00
PED160Canoeing - BasicTo Present1.00PE 2551.00
PED163Kayaking-BasicTo Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED169OrienteeringTo Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED170BackpackingTo Present2.00PE 2571.00
PE ***

PED171Nature HikingTo Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED173Rock ClimbingTo Present1.00PE 2581.00
PED181Snow Skiing - BegTo Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED182Snow Skiing-Int1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED183FOlk Dancing1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED184Square Dancing I1997/06 - Present1.00PE 2341.00
PED185Square Dancing II1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED186Dancing for Fitnes1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED187Social Dance-Beg1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED188Social Dance-Int1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED189Clogging1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED210Team Sports1997/06 - Present1.00PE ***1.00
PED220Exer-Phys Challeng1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
PED240Adv PE Skills1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
PED251Offic/Footb/Soccer1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
PED252Offic/Baseb/Softb1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
PED254Coaching Basketb1997/06 - Present2.00PEC 2022.00
PED255Coaching Football1997/06 - Present2.00PEC 2032.00
PED256Coaching Baseball1997/06 - Present2.00PEC 2012.00
PED257Coaching Soccer1997/06 - Present2.00PEC 2052.00
PED259Prev&Care Ath Inj1997/06 - Present2.00TR ***2.00
PED260Lifeguard Training1997/06 - Present2.00PE 2231.00
PE 2**

PED262Water Safety Inst1997/06 - Present2.00PE ***2.00
PED270Canoing-Instructor1997/06 - Present2.00PE ***2.00
PED276Sailing Instructor1997/06 - Present2.00PE ***2.00
PHI1500Intro PhilosophyTo Present5.00PHI 2053.00
PHI 2**

PHI210Hist of Philosophy1997/06 - Present3.00PHI ***3.00
PHI215Philosoph. Issues1997/06 - Present3.00PHI 2053.00
PHI220Westrn. Philos. I1997/06 - Present3.00PHI 3003.00
PHI221Westrn. Philos. II1997/06 - Present3.00PHI 3013.00
PHI230Intro to Logic1997/06 - Present3.00PHI 2503.00
PHI240Intro. to Ethics1997/06 - Present3.00PHI 2213.00
PHI250Phil of Science1997/06 - Present3.00PHI 3403.00
PHI2500LogicTo Present5.00TR ***0.33
LOG 201

PHY110Conceptual Physics1997/06 - Present3.00PY ***3.00
Prerequisite: PHY 110 & 110A required for PY 131 equivalency.
PHY110AConcp Physics L1997/06 - Present1.00PY ***1.00
Prerequisite: PHY 110 & 110A required for PY 131 equivalency.
PHY131Physics MechanicsTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
PHY132Phys-Elect/MagTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
PHY1404Phys I-Basic MechTo Present4.00PY 2**2.67
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY1405Physics IITo Present4.00PY ***2.67
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY1406Physics IIITo Present4.00PY ***2.67
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY1407Physics IVTo Present4.00PY ***2.67
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY1500Astronomy ITo Present5.00PY 1233.00
PHY1504Basic Mech AltyTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
PHY151Coll Physics I1997/06 - Present4.00PY 2114.00
PHY152Coll Physics II1997/06 - Present4.00PY 2124.00
PHY2504Gen Physics ITo Present5.00PY 2**3.33
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY2505Gen Physics IITo Present5.00PY 2**3.33
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY2506Gen Physics IIITo Present5.00PY 2**3.33
Is not a Calculus based PHY course. PHY 1& Lab equal to PY 211. PHY ll & Lab equal to PY 212,
PHY2507Gen Physics IVTo Present5.00PY 2**3.33
Prerequisite: 2506 & 2507 required for PY 203 or 407 equivalency
PHY251Gen Physics I1997/06 - Present4.00PY 2061.00
PY 205

PHY252Gen Physics II1997/06 - Present4.00PY 2091.00
PY 208

PHY252CTPhysics III1997/06 - Present3.00PY 2**3.00
PHY3414Phys of Resp CareTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
PHY5304Applied Phys ITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PHY5305Applied Phys IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PME5211Small Eng Repair lTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
PME5214Small Engine OverhTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
POL110Intro Political Sc1997/06 - Present3.00PS 2**3.00
POL120Amer. Government1997/06 - Present3.00PS 2013.00
POL130State&Local Gvt1997/06 - Present3.00PS 2023.00
POL1502American PoliticsTo Present5.00PS 2013.00
PS 2**

POL1510Comparative PolTo Present5.00PS 2413.00
PS 2**

POL1511Int'l Relations1969/08 - 1997/055.00TR ***0.33
PS 231

POL210Comp. Government1997/06 - Present3.00PS 2413.00
POL220Internat. Relation1997/06 - Present3.00PS 2313.00
POL230Political Ideologs1997/06 - Present3.00No Credit0.00
POL240American Presid1997/06 - Present3.00PS 2**3.00
POL241Presid Elections1997/06 - Present3.00PS 2**3.00
POL2500St. & Local PolTo Present5.00TR ***0.33
PS 202

POL2501Pol IdeologiesTo Present5.00PS ***3.33
PRN131FlexographyTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
PRN155Screen Printing lTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
PRN156Screen Printng IITo Present2.00No Credit0.00
PRN221Offset Press OperTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PRN5364Fund of Offset PrtingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PRN5365Image Assemby lTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PSC3500CriminologyTo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
PSC3501Law EnforcementTo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
PSC3510Criminal LawTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
PSC4501Constitutional LawTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
PSC4505Criminal InvestTo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
PSC4520Public RelationsTo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
PSF116Prev & Care-ExeTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
PSY1300Self & SocietyTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PSY150Gen Psychology1997/06 - Present3.00PSY 2003.00
PSY1500Psyc of AdjustmentTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
PSY154Gen. Psychology1997/06 - Present3.00PSY 2003.00
PSY215Positive PsychTo Present3.00PSY ***3.00
PSY231Forensic PsychologyTo Present3.00PSY ***3.00
PSY237Social Psychology1997/06 - Present3.00PSY 3113.00
PSY239Psych of Personal1997/06 - Present3.00PSY ***3.00
PSY241Develop Psych1997/06 - Present3.00PSY 3763.00
PSY2500Ed PsychologyTo Present5.00PSY 3**0.33
EDP 304

PSY2504Gen PsychologyTo Present5.00PSY 2003.00
PSY 2**

PSY2505Human DevelopTo Present5.00PSY 2**3.33
PSY2514AbnormalTo Present5.00PSY ***3.33
PSY2524Mental RetardationTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
PSY263Educational Psy1997/06 - Present3.00EDP 3043.00
PSY281Abnormal Psychol1997/06 - Present3.00PSY ***3.00
PSY3500CriminologyTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
PSY3501Law EnforcementTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
PSY4505Criminal InvestTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
PSY4520Public RelationsTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
PTA110Intro Physical TheTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PTA125Gross&Funct AnatTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
PTA135PathologyTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
PTA145Therapeutic ProcTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
PTA165PTA Clinical lTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PTA185PTA Clinical llTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PTA212Health Care/ResourTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
PTA215Therapeutic ExercsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PTA222Professional InterTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
PTA225Intro RehabilitTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
PTA235Neurological RehabTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
PTA245PTA Clinical lllTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PTA255PTA Clinical lVTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
PTL9000Peer Tutoring LabTo 1997/080.00No Credit0.00
RCT110Introduction to RacingTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
RCT254Racing Chassis FabTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
RCT255Racing Sheet Metal FabTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
RDN9302Adv Vocab ImprovTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
RDN9312Speed ReadingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
RDN9505Reading SkillsTo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
RDN9510Reading ImprovTo 1997/085.00No Credit0.00
REC8301Yoga For BeginnersTo Present1.20No Credit0.00
RED080Intro To Coll ReadTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
RED090Impr. College ReadTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
RED111Critical Reading for CollegeTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
REL110World Religions1997/06 - Present3.00REL 3003.00
REL111Eastern Religions1997/06 - Present3.00REL 3**3.00
REL112Western Religions1997/06 - Present3.00REL 3**3.00
REL211Intro. to Old Test1997/06 - Present3.00REL 3113.00
REL212Intro. to New Test1997/06 - Present3.00REL 3123.00
REL221Religion in Amer.1997/06 - Present3.00REL 3203.00
RES3660Fund R E (SalesmanTo 1997/086.00No Credit0.00
RES4301R E Law (Broke Prelicen)To Present0.00No Credit0.00
RES4302R E Fin (broker prelicen)To Present0.00No Credit0.00
RES4303R E Brok OpnsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
RLS112F of R E (Salesman prel)To Present4.00No Credit0.00
RLS212R E Property MgmtTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
RUS111Elemen. Russian I1997/06 - Present3.00FLR 1013.00
RUS112Elem. Russian II1997/06 - Present3.00FLR 1023.00
RUS1600Element Russian ITo 1997/056.00FLR ***4.00
RUS1601Element Russian IITo 1997/056.00FLR ***4.00
RUS181Russian Lab I1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
RUS182Russian Lab II1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
RUS211Interm. Russian I1997/06 - Present3.00FLR 2013.00
RUS212Interm. Russian II1997/06 - Present3.00FLR 2023.00
RUS281Russian Lab III1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
RUS282Russian Lab IV1997/06 - Present1.00TR ***1.00
SAB110Substance AbuseTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SAB135Addictive ProcessTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SAB210Sab CounselingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SCI3300Principles of ScieTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SEC110Security ConceptsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SEC303KeyboardingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SEC3303KeyboardingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SEC3312Intro Word ProcessTo 1997/053.00No Credit0.00
SEC3404Typing ITo 1997/054.00No Credit0.00
SEC3405Typing IlTo 1997/054.00No Credit0.00
SGD111Intro To SGDTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD112Intro to SGDTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD113SGD ProgrammingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD114ModelingTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD116Graphic Design ToolsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD117Art for GamesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD125SG Artific IntellTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD126SG Engine DesignTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD135Serious GamesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD161SG AnimationTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD164SG Audio/VideoTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD165SG Chracter DevelTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD171Flash SG ProgramTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD173Lighting/Shading AlgoriTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD174SG Level DesignTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD181MachinimaTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD193Selected Topics in SGDTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD212SGD Design IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD213SGD Programming IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD214Modeling 3D IITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD232Survey of Game EnginesTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD237Rigging 3D ModelsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD2443D Modeling IIITo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD274SG Level DesignTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD285SG Software EnginTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD289SGD ProjectTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SGD162SG 3D AnimationTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
No Credit

SOC1301Group InteractionTo Present3.00SOC ***2.00
SOC1500Soc & the FamilyTo Present5.00SOC 2043.00
SOC 2**

SOC1505Soc of ReligionTo Present5.00No Credit0.00
SOC210Intro to Sociology1997/06 - Present3.00SOC 2023.00
SOC213Soc. of the Family1997/06 - Present3.00SOC 2043.00
SOC220Social Problems1997/06 - Present3.00SOC 2033.00
SOC225Social Diversity1997/06 - Present3.00SOC ***3.00
SOC230Race Relations1997/06 - Present3.00SOC 3053.00
SOC234Sociology of GenderTo Present3.00SOC ***3.00
SOC240Social Psychology1997/06 - Present3.00SOC 3013.00
SOC2514Intro to Sociol1969/08 - 1997/055.00SOC 2023.00
SOC 2**

SOC2515Social ProblemsTo Present5.00SOC 2033.00
SOC 2**

SOC2524Sp Prob of SociolTo Present5.00SOC 2**3.33
SPA111Elem. Spanish I1997/06 - Present3.00FLS 1013.00
SPA112Elem. Spanish II1997/06 - Present3.00FLS 1023.00
SPA112TElem Spanish III1997/06 - Present2.00FLS 1**2.00
SPA120Spanish WorkshopTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SPA141Culture&Civil1997/06 - Present3.00FLS 3163.00
SPA151Hispanic Lit1997/06 - Present3.00FLS 3003.00
SPA1600Elem Spanish ITo Present6.00FLS 1013.00
FLS 1**

SPA1601Elem Spanish IITo Present6.00FLS 1023.00
FLS 1**

SPA161Cultural Immersion1997/06 - Present3.00FL 2951.00
SPA181Spanish Lab I1997/06 - Present1.00FLS 1**1.00
SPA182Spanish Lab II1997/06 - Present1.00FLS 1**1.00
SPA211Inter.Spanish I1997/06 - Present3.00FLS 2013.00
SPA212Inter. Spanish II1997/06 - Present3.00FLS 2023.00
SPA221Spanish Conversatn1997/06 - Present3.00FLS 2083.00
SPA2600Interm Spanish ITo Present6.00FLS 2013.00
FLS 2**

SPA2601Interm Spanish IITo Present6.00TR ***1.00
FLS 202

SPA281Spanish Lab III1997/06 - Present1.00FLS 2**1.00
SPA282Spanish Lab IV1997/06 - Present1.00FLS 2**1.00
SPH1300Oral CommunicationTo Present3.00COM 1**2.00
SPH1301Persuasive SpkngTo Present3.00TR ***2.00
SPH2300Voice & DictionTo Present3.00TR ***2.00
SPH2304Public SpeakingTo Present3.00TR ***2.00
SPH2310Intercult CommTo Present3.00COM 3323.00
SRV110Surveying lTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
SST110Int/SustainabilityTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
SST140Green Bldg & Design ConceptsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
TAT110Intro Travel&TourTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
TAT3300Intro To Trvl IndsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
TAT3302Surface TransportTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
TAT3303Tourist AttractionTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
TAT4304World Dest/ResortsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
TRF110Itnro TurfgrassTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
TRF120Turfgrass Irrigat&To Present3.00No Credit0.00
TRF130Native Flora IDTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
TRF152Landscape MaintTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
TRF230Turfgrass Mgmt AppTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
TRF250Golf/Sport FieldTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
TRF260Adv Turfgrass MgtTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
TRN110Intro to Transport TechTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
WBL111DWork-Based Learning ITo Present1.00No Credit0.00
WBL111WWork-Based Learning ITo Present1.00No Credit0.00
WEB110Internet/Web FundTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
WEB140Web Devlpmt ToolsTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
WEB141Mobile Interface DesignTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
WEB210Web DesignTo Present0.00No Credit0.00
WEB230Implement Web ServTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
WEB287Web E-PortfolioTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
WEB120Intro Internet MultimediaTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
WLD110Cutting ProcessesTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
WLD112Basic Welding ProcTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
WLD121GMAW FCAS/PlateTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
WLD5203Bluepr Rdng-WelderTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
WLD5205Weld Qualif TestTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
WLD5210Bsc OxyacetyleneTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
WLD5220Electric Art WeldTo 1997/052.00No Credit0.00
WLD5240Intro Pipe weldTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
WLD5267Certificat PracticTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
WLD5268Certification TestTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
WLD5286Certificat TestTo Present2.00No Credit0.00
WLD5311Oxacetylene WeldTo Present3.00No Credit0.00
WLD5401Basic Cal WeldersTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
WLD5404Pipe WeldingTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
WLD5422Arc Welding llTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
WLD5431Gas Tungsten ArchTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
WLD5432Gas Tungsten ArchTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
WLD5450Gas/Metal Arc WeldTo Present4.00No Credit0.00
WLD5654Commer&Ind PractTo Present6.00No Credit0.00
WLD5820Arc WeldingTo Present8.00No Credit0.00
WLD5830Gas Tungsten Arc WTo Present8.00No Credit0.00

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