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The North Carolina State transcript contains the following information about each course attempted:

Definition of Letter Grades and Grade Point Values
(Effective 1974 Fall Semester)

Grade Definition Grade Points Per Credit Hour
DMarginal (The D grade which was abolished in 1974 Fall Semester was reinstated with the 1976 Fall Semester1.00
F (NC)Failing (No Credit) (The F Grade replaced the NC grade in the 1991 Fall Semester0.00
SSatisfactory (Credit-only and certain other courses)
U Unsatisfactory (Credit-only and certain other courses)
LATemporarily Late - Contact Instructor
NRNo Recognition Given for Audit
CRCredit by examination or advanced placement
WWithdrawal/Late Drop
IPIn Progress

*+/- grading was instituted for the 1994 Fall Semester. Students whose first enrollment in a degree program was prior to Summer 1994 are subject to +/- grades without grade points (B=3.00) until the 1998 Fall semester.

Abbreviations and Codes
GP - Grade Points
GPA HRS - Hours used in calculation of Grade Point Average
SGPA - Semester Grade Point Average
SHP - Semester Hours Passed
TGPA - Total Grade Point Average
THP - Total Hours Passed

Course Credit Types
A - Credit by Examination or Advanced Placement
B - Credit by Re-examination
C - Correspondence
E - Off-Campus Extension
R - Course Repeated Without Penalty
T - Ten-Week Course
I1 - Interinstitutional (UNC-Chapel Hill)
I2 - Interinstitutional (UNC-Greensboro)
I3 - Interinstitutional (UNC-Charlotte)
I4 - Interinstitutional (Duke)
I5 - Interinstitutional (Meredith)
I6 - Interinstitutional (NCCU)

Career Level Overrides
0 - Course will not accumulate to any totals
1 - Undergraduate Credit
2 - Graduate Credit
3 - Special Credit
4 - Veterinary Medicine Credit
5 - Professional Credit
6 - Agricultural Institute Credit

Academic Calendar
Effective with the 1954 Fall Semester, the University changed from a quarter calendar to a semester calendar of approximately 17 weeks each semester. In the summer, two summer sessions of approximately five and a half weeks each are held.

NCSU is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools as a degree-granting institution at the associate, baccalaureate, masters, professional and doctoral levels.

Course Numbers
Courses numbered 100 to 499 are designed to meet undergraduate degree requirements. Courses numbered 500 and above are designed to meet graduate degree requirements.

Dean's List
Beginning with the 1976 Fall Semester, a full-time undergraduate student who earns 3.50 or better on 12 to 14 hours of course work for which grade points are earned, or earns 3.25 or better on 15 or more hours of course work for which grade points are earned shall be placed on the Dean's List for that semester.

Graduation With Honors
Effective with the 1978 Summer Session graduation, undergraduate degree honor designations will be:

Repeating Courses
Prior to the 1984 Fall Semester, a student who repeated a course previously taken had both grades counted in their cumulative GPA.
Beginning with the 1984 Fall Semester, students became eligible to repeat certain courses without penalty. The grade points and the credit hours attempted and earned on the first completion of the course are removed from the calculation of the cumulative GPA. The course title and grade on the first completion continue to be shown. Courses approved for repeat without penalty are designated with an "R" code.